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Turning Your Intake Meeting Into a Winning Service Level Agreement – Sample Included

The past few articles I have written have focused on relationships, trust, empowering, etc. I think we spend a lot of time sharing techniques, process, etc.; as these topics are essential to building professional relationships. Having a solid S.L.A
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Pinstriped is a service that's built to make meetings more productive — and it's on sale

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone finds long meetings absolutely abhorrent. A supposedly brief meeting that has been stretched on for hours because your co-workers can't stop babbling? That's basically the bane of everyone's
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Kim Kardashian shares what happened during her meeting with Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian has spoken about how her meeting with Donald Trump went after she visited the White House on Wednesday to discuss prison reform.  SEE ALSO: Wildly sexist 'New York Post' front page refers to Kim Kardashian's butt 3 times
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The European Parliament will livestream its meeting with Mark Zuckerberg

Get ready to rumble. On Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg will participate in another government hearing, this time with European officials. And the head of the EU parliament just announced that the meeting will be livestreamed.  Zuckerberg will meet
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Microsoft's vision for the future of meetings is slightly terrifying

Microsoft just gave us a small peek into its vision for the future of meetings and it's slightly terrifying.  During a demo onstage at its Build developers conference, the company showed off a prototype device that combines computer vision and
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Parents surprise FaceTime friends with their first meeting, and it's too much

The internet has connected us in ways we never thought possible, allowing people who would've never met to create long-lasting friendships. Unfortunately, distance is a bitter reality and often those internet friendships are screen-only.  SEE