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About the workshop: Structured Innovation enables you to come with solutions that can be patentable (process or product) and reduce cost by more than 25% with new concepts. The best know structured Innovation comes from Russia called "TRIZ" - Theory of solving Inventive problems and adopted by best known innovation companies around the world.
Why should people attend this workshop?Because it's going to be a fun exchange of ideas about the content industry - about what works and what to do when it doesn't work, where to go scavenging for ideas and how to work smart and copy intelligently!
Learn Business Analytics through real Industry Projects in an office environment from  Industry Professionals.Industry ProjectsAnalytics toolsdays of classroom training (48 hours)Who is the training for?Students who want to learn business analytics in collegeWhat is the training?Real industry projects which train students on key job skills
Information is burgeoning inside businesses at an exponential rate. The total amount of data being captured and stored by industry doubles nearly every year. Companies are increasingly looking to tap into the potential of these vast swathes of fast - moving, unstructured and complex streams of data to achieve step - change improvements in growth
From: economictimes.indiatimes.com Recommended by: vsquareIndian Government is making it easy to make patents in India.Indian Government is making it easy to make patents in India.Indian Government is making it easy to make patents in India.NEW DELHI: Startups from the world over will now be able to register patents in India faster and at
From: economictimes.indiatimes.com By Jochelle MendoncaRecommended by: vsquareIT is slowly moving towards automation. All the Indian It Companies have to move towards this otherwise, there will be a huge issue for the Services companies, which has so far been the bread and butter for all the IT organizations out here in India.“We are in early



Colombia - Real GDP growth (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Indian economy is set for a ’goldilocks’ period — used to describe a timeframe of high growth and low inflation — while it can become Asia’s fastest growing economy in 2016, Japanese financial major Nomura said. The global financial services major is
English: Shows distribution of funding by % among counties; San Diego has recieved the most, at over 10% (Photo credit: Wikipedia) MUMBAI: SaaS (Software as a Service) products market in India is expected to cross $50 billion in the next ten years as the segment is set to receive a massive rise in demand from more and more small and medium
Life insurance has been invented by the society as a financial tool for creating a corpus to be utilised when financial support or protection is needed the most in someone's life. Insurance, therefore, is very different from savings, banking, and investment. Any insurance scheme or policy is based on the principle of mutual pooling of small
Changing Pattern of Society When the world was moving from the industrial to information and knowledge era, we witnessed a changing pattern in the sectoral share of GDP and the number of people employed in each sector. The share of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) percentages    
Domestic ratings agency India Ratings and Research today said external risks are likely to make the upcoming FY17 a "challenging" year and pre-tax profit growth for top companies is unlikely to hit the double-digit mark. The agency in its outlook for 2016-17 said the fiscal will "remain a challenging year for corporate India... external risks
The Department of Revenue has released Order NO.1/2015 dated 28th February, 2015 mentioning the documentation, time limits and procedure with respect to filing of registration applications for single premises, which shall come into effect from 1-3-2015. A. General Procedure Online filing: Applicants seeking registration for single