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Independent management consultant on strategy focussed on sustainable and profitable growth of companies. Work encompasses competitive and corporate strategy, growth strateg, sales and marketing strategies.


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In the previous two issues, Mr. Bhattacharya wrote about four common errors in understanding strategy. He discussed how objectives are confused with strategy, that actions are seen as substitutes for it, the myths of scaling up and operational efficiencies. He continues the discussion here.   5. Killing Competition   In a
This is the second  in a series of articles in which Mr. Bhattacharya explores the misconceptions about Strategy   In the previous issue, Mr. Bhattacharya explored two common errors in understanding strategy. He wrote about confusing objectives with strategy and how actions are considered a substitute for it. He continues the
Managers use the word  strategy  very often. Yet there is considerable confusion about what it means and how to use it effectively. This is the first in a series of articles in which   Mr. Bhattacharya explores the misconceptions about Strategy   Strategy is necessary to make a
The three syllables of the familiar tag line Hum Hain Na at once reassures customers and plucks gently at their heartstrings. Can it work in other industries – manufacturing, engineering, technology and services? Can it be a viable strategy for sustainable competitive advantage? But first, what does it mean? It can mean different things
Positioning is not merely about what you say in the media, or how you say it. It is as much about what you do. Srinivasan, Vice President of a large division of one of India’s biggest IT companies, lamented that his account managers don’t convey to customers “what we bring to the table”. “They are unable to
Providing the best is not enough. Companies have to know all those who influence the buying process and all those involved in the business buying situations. ProNet, subsidiary of a large and well-connected business group, was bidding to set up a wide area network for an Indian State. A prestigious project, it was one of the first of its kind