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Vshal Srivastava
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Trainedge Consulting pvt Ltd


Director of Sales & Marketing at Trainedge. I also manage our digital marketing solutions.

At Trainedge, we understand the importance of digital marketing for small and medium businesses. They can build brand, generate leads and drive traffic for any type of business using digital marketing. It's is affordable and sustainable for businesses of any size.

With digital marketing, you can get new customers even if you don't have a website. For example, we helped a granite develop a steady flow of customers with YouTube marketing. We helped them create simple, educational videos which we optimized for popular search terms related to granite. In just a few months, it is bringing in thousands of dollars.

Similarly, we helped an accounting service provider get new customers through SEO and YouTube marketing. The client is now expanding its digital marketing effort across more channels.

We eat our own dog food by using same digital marketing techniques to generate over hundred sign ups each month for our training courses on Excel, Digital Marketing, MS Project and Mobile & Cloud development. For example, people from multiple countries sign up for our 20-hour digital marketing course designed for small business owners, entrepreneurs and people looking to become digital marketers. You can find the course here – .

In 2010, I co-founded Gyantra, Inc with Kanth Miriyala. It provided video marketing, email marketing and ebook publishing services to small business and indie authors. In 2006, I co-founded Inventure Global, Inc with Chris Harris to help startups and small businesses in San Diego develop software products and do digital marketing.

Previously, I worked as a consultant with KPMG, Deloitte Consulting and iGATE Global Solutions. I started my career in manufacturing with Tata Steel when Internet was not around and mainframes were in vogue.

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