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Seth Godin (born July 10, 1960) is an American entrepreneur, author and public speaker. Godin popularized the topic of permission marketing. he blogs extensively and we are showcasing some relevant blogs here on


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Here’s a simple hierarchy: The self-driving car Cruise control Manual driving Hitchhiking Bicycling Walking The arc? As you move down the list, it gets harder and harder to coast. It moves from “set it once and forget it” to “one step at at time.” The growth of audiobooks is outpacing reading. Why? Because audiobooks
Wanting to do two things at the same time. If you’re on the stairmaster at the gym, you’re engaged in a workout voluntarily. But if your job involved standing on a stairmaster all day, every day, you’d be stressed out. Because you want to stay (you need the paycheck) and you want to leave. A […]    
“We’re not going to be here long.” That’s because this project isn’t going to work and we can’t afford to stay, or because this project is going to work and we’re going to move up. That’s a pretty profound thing for some real estate to say about its corporate tenant. And the employees absorb it
Quietly, over the last thirty years, engineering has become dramatically more efficient and effective. Insulated glass, cars that don't break down, keyboards with just the right feel to them… Mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering are all moving faster than ever. Several factors are at work: Computer aided design and engineering
Everything moves better in smooth water. Engineers spend a lot of time and energy to avoid cavitation, the often dangerous bubbles that are caused by pumps or propellers. And sailors and surfers prefer to do their thing without excess chop. As we apply pressure to an organization, the same thing happens. At first, people engage […] 
Sports gurus are happy to talk about the difference between fast and slow twitch muscles. And it resonates with us, because we fully understand the ping-pong reflexes that are so often celebrated and often fun to do as well. On our project, it’s tempting to spend all of our time in fast twitch mode. To […]    



Marketing doesn't have to suck. It doesn't have to be a miserable experience for consumers, and it certainly doesn't have to be a distasteful, creepy or annoying task for the creator. We don't have to market at people, pin them...       
[There’s a lesson here for all marketers—legacy brands have clouded our understanding of what marketing can do today…] US prohibition ended in 1933. After that, there was a gold rush that led to the creation of dozens of billion dollar brands. 80 years later, the prohibition against pot is ending in various places throughout