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Rob Walling is a serial micropreneur who recently published his first book, Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup. He blogs to a sizeable audience of web entrepreneurs at and has been profiled in,, and Investor’s Business Daily.
Rob spends his days managing his portfolio of niche software products and websites, and mentoring developers and designers looking to launch their own single founder ventures. Rob lives in Fresno, CA and can be reached at


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My new podcast launched yesterday. It’s called Zen Founder, and it’s focused on finding the balance between startups, relationships, and life. I co-host it with my wife Sherry, a clinical psychologist, and the first 4 episodes are ripe with discussion about: How to stay sane while starting up How to structure an annual retreat HowRead
I’ve just released a 2-hour audio documentary chronicling the story of building and launching my latest startup, Drip. Launch. A Startup Documentary was compiled and edited from 9 months of Skype calls between myself and my software developer, with an epilogue recorded 1-year later (about 2 weeks ago). From the
In October I spoke at Dan & Ian’s DCBKK event in Bangkok, Thailand about how to make more money from your business. Through the mad illustration skills of one Maggie Appleton, here are SketchNotes summarizing my entire talk in a single image (click the image for a hi-res version).
I’m in the midst of the biggest gamble of my career. The thing is, every chance you take feels like your biggest gamble while you’re taking it. When I left salaried employment for consulting in 2006 it felt like a big gamble. When I left consulting for product in 2008 with a wife, kid and a mortgage, it feltRead
This is a guest post by Kyle Brown, author of the upcoming book Systematize. Are you spending a lot of time explaining how to perform tasks to your employee(s)? Do you have documents scattered all over the cloud, various emails, and computers? Do you struggle to find documentation when you need it? If you answered yesRead More →
This is a guest post by Thomas Smale from FE International, a website brokerage with an emphasis on SaaS apps. At FE International we speak to website owners on a daily basis who are looking to sell their businesses. Unfortunately, many of these businesses are not sellable for a number of very avoidable reasons. PlanningRead More →