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Prequate Consultants Private Limited


We coined ‘Prequate’ as a portmanteau word that refers to the art of making informed decisions. It indicates the importance act of plan-optimize-forecast to help business owners.
Organizationally, we are a private limited company incorporated in India having its registered office in Bengaluru, India. We wish to enable medium and small businesses to avail quality professional services that were earlier affordable only by large businesses. We endeavour to make consulting as an affordable and approachable practice in the next 5 years.
The local knowledge of practises in small and medium businesses as well as the experience from the best consulting firms in the world enables Prequate to add value to small and medium businesses in the manner that large consulting firms are able to add value to the large scale industries.
The association brings together experience and vantage that makes us working to deliver the services highlighted to the right of this text based on the current stage of the company.


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