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Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

Mashable was created by Pete Cashmore from his home in Aberdeen, Scotland, in July 2005. Time noted Mashable as one of the 25 best blogs in 2009, and it has been described as a "one stop shop" for social media. As of November 2015, it has over 6,000,000 Twitter followers and over 3,200,000 fans on Facebook. In June 2016, it acquired YouTube channel CineFix from Whalerock Industries.

In December 2017, Ziff Davis bought Mashable for $50 million, which several publications referred to as a "fire sale" price down from its peak valuation of $250 million. Mashable was not meeting its advertising targets, and was losing money, with $4.2 million losses in the quarter ending September 2017. After the sale, Mashable laid off 50 staffers, although Ziff Davis insisted on keeping top management. Because of the drop in value, stock options issued to employees during Mashable's successful times were worthless.


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I know Chrissy Teigen is sick of her tweets becoming articles. Understandable. But Chrissy, while I love you, I am not writing this for you. I am writing this for a gorgeous snail. In an Instagram story that was apparently viewed by 3 million people, Teigen documented a snail's slow glide across a wooden deck. (Spoiler, in case you don't like
In the immortal words of BMO: Sometimes life is scary and dark. That is why we must find the light. After 10 seasons, the Adventure Time finale is upon us. And Rebecca Sugar, one of its Emmy-nominated directors, artists, and composers returned from her work as the creator of Steven Universe to sing her final piece for it. "Time Adventure" focuses
If there's any vital lesson you can pick up from the latest news cycle, it's that you should NOT run a podcast the way that Alex Jones does. Unless of course, your goal is to be kicked out by Apple, Facebook, and Spotify, then, by all means, go ahead. SEE ALSO: 17 of the best headphones for students, according to reviews Now that podcast
What if they really are out to get you.  If you spend enough time walking the Las Vegas casino floors, you're sure to come across some unique sights. But scores of people sporting all shapes and sizes of literal tin-foil hats? Welcome to DEF CON. SEE ALSO: The hackers just arrived, and they're already breaking Vegas The annual hacker
Hella excited. Fans of Issa Rae's Insecure have been left wondering about the fates of best friends Issa and Molly and their crushingly cute but infuriating love interests for almost a year. Now, the end of the wait is nighInsecure comes back for its third season on Sunday, August 12. SEE ALSO: Summer entertainment we (still) can't wait for
Which member of The Beatles wrote "In My Life," from the 1965 album Rubber Soul? It turns out that math has the answer. Debates have long raged across pop culture about who wrote which Beatles song, both before and after the internet was born. The melody from "In My Life" in particular has been one of the bigger sources of consternation among fans



From: Mashable By Tracey Edouard Recommended by: Mashable Image: Mashable CompositeDigital media is constantly in an ebb and flow of change. The things that were relevant to us a year ago are now considered obsolete. As leaders in such a fluctuating market, how do marketers keep up with these changes and stay on the cusp of the
Coming out as LGBT to friends and family is a huge step, and often a nerve-wracking experience. But imagine how daunting it would be to come out to more than 2 million people — via text.That's exactly what Freddie Bologno did Thursday morning. As's mobile engagement manager, Bologno — who uses the gender-neutral pronouns "they," "
Spotify is running for its life.Spotify announced its expansion into streaming video and podcasts as well as a new feature that will help runners. CEO Daniel Ek said Spotify's new additions were meant to integrate with people's everyday lives, which meant broadening its offerings and launching new features."Today we're introducing a new Spotify
The Mashable Events Board is a great place to list and find leading conferences in your industry, whether it's advertising, technology, media or public relations. This week, we're highlighting five events that can help move your career forward. If you don't find anything that's right for you, check out dozens of other events featured in our
If Google has its way, you could find a 'Buy' button accompanying those search results very soon.According to a Wall Street Journal report, the search giant will introduce buy buttons in search results some time in the next few weeks, citing sources familiar with the rollout. The buttons would appear alongside paid search results on mobile in the
Memo to Wall Street interns: go home and get some sleep. But, you know, not too much.Goldman Sachs told its summer interns — all 2,900 of them — when they started their gigs this summer that they can’t be in the office between midnight and 7 a.m., Reuters first reported.The 17-hour work day restriction is an attempt by the banking giants to curb



We love a new and improved Alexa gadget, especially when it's on sale for $70 off. SEE ALSO: 12 of the best Amazon Alexa skills for kids (and their parents) We covered this deal yesterday, but it's just so good that we have to share agin: Amazon has the Echo Show on sale for $159.99, which is 30% off its normal price. In case you don't know about
Note: We will be updating this post as more sales become available. Memorial Day is on May 28, and there's way more to look forward to than just a three-day weekend or the new Star Wars spinoff. Find some great deals on 4K smart TVs to celebrate the weekend and officially kick off your summer binge-watching sessions. SEE ALSO: Best cheap laptops:
It can be hard figuring out the best time to upgrade appliances. Wait too long and you risk your refrigerator or washing machine crapping out in the middle of a hectic week, sending you to the store scrambling for a new one that's full price.  The trick is to shop big holiday sales, like this one from Best Buy for July Fourth, where you can
In case you didn't know, National DNA Day is a thing. And it's today.  On April 25, 1953, James Watson and Francis Crick published an article in the journal Nature about the structure of DNA, which was a huge deal back then.  Celebrate the anniversary of this discovery and their publication by — what else — testing your own
Thanks to E3 2018 this week, it seems like every hour there's another great sale just for gamers.  Amazon is currently offering a deal for six months of Xbox Game Pass on sale for $29.99. That's a big discount on the service, which normally runs $59.99 for six months of games. For anyone who is unfamiliar, Xbox Game Pass is a digital
You could probably guess that we were gonna start out this story with the "We know you want a smart TV, but they're so expensive!" spiel. Well, you're right. Even when they're on sale, 55 or 65-inch TVs are still likely to be over two grand. Okay, bear with us here: Try a refurbished one.  SEE ALSO: Prepay for one month of DirecTV NOW and get