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Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

Mashable was created by Pete Cashmore from his home in Aberdeen, Scotland, in July 2005. Time noted Mashable as one of the 25 best blogs in 2009, and it has been described as a "one stop shop" for social media. As of November 2015, it has over 6,000,000 Twitter followers and over 3,200,000 fans on Facebook. In June 2016, it acquired YouTube channel CineFix from Whalerock Industries.

In December 2017, Ziff Davis bought Mashable for $50 million, which several publications referred to as a "fire sale" price down from its peak valuation of $250 million. Mashable was not meeting its advertising targets, and was losing money, with $4.2 million losses in the quarter ending September 2017. After the sale, Mashable laid off 50 staffers, although Ziff Davis insisted on keeping top management. Because of the drop in value, stock options issued to employees during Mashable's successful times were worthless.


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Brazilian soccer star Neymar and terrible flops are a combination that we can always expect when his team hits the pitch — and he did not disappoint on Monday. SEE ALSO: Belgian World Cup player kicks ball right into his face Neymar's penchant for exaggeration is almost as well known as his excellent play (when he stays upright, anyway). Y
Not even cord-cutters can escape the cable companies routine price increases. AT&T is informing customers and confirmed to Mashable, that DirecTV Now will soon cost an extra $5 a month no matter the plan: Live a Little $35 to $40 a month Just Right $45 to $50 a month Go Big $60  to $65 a month Gotta Have It $70 to $75 a month Todo Y M
It's more of a Monday than usual in Cleveland as homegrown superstar LeBron James announced on Sunday night that he's leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers, striking a deal of $153.3 million over four years. There was a lot less anger from Cavs fans for this departure versus the last time LeBron left town. Back in 2010, he
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Welcome to Chris-mas in July, a week-long celebration of our four favorite Hollywood Chrises. We'll be analyzing old movies, digging deep into past roles, and exploring everything there is to know about Evans, Hemsworth, Pine and Pratt. We hope this totally made up holiday makes you smile.  We've all heard the age-old question: "Who's your
Amazon Prime Day is nearly here, and for all you super shoppers out there this means a bargain hunting opportunity that more than rivals Black Friday. For the uninitiated, we've created this handy guide with everything you need to know. What is Amazon Prime Day? Amazon Prime Day is kind of a big deal. The 24-hour (or sometimes more!) retail event