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Saarthi Integrated Consulting LLP


Saarthi is a technology and management consulting company. We work with start-ups as well as running businesses.

With start-ups, we help right from the ideation stage all the way to execution stage, almost working like a co-founder.

With running businesses, we help them scale using innovative solutions to their challenges.

With individuals & professionals, we work as an executive coach to help them succeed in their professional & personal lives.

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  Every business aspires to grow and they will, they only have to find a way of doing it sustainably!     It was a year since Kamal started his online venture. Initially it had been a struggle, but then the business started gaining momentum. For his product, every new customer required some help to get going. It
While reviewing the business plan of a venture recently, one thing stood out –the venture was doing a good job in attracting new customers, but was also losing them at a significant rate. Sometime lack of repeat customers go unnoticed in a running business. It might just be a tip of an iceberg.... read on for more details... http
An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea. — Buddha India is bursting today with thoughts of entrepreneurship. As a nation we are moving away from the “find a good job” mindset, to exploring our interests and new avenues as means of making a living. Young