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Dr. John Sullivan is a well-known thought leader in HR. He is a frequent speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley firms. Formerly the chief talent officer for Agilent Technologies (the 43,000-employee HP spin-off), he is now a professor of management at San Francisco State University. He was called the "Michael Jordan of Hiring" by Fast Company magazine. More recruiting articles by Dr. Sullivan can be found in the ER Daily archives.


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In 2012 Millennial Branding conducted a survey of 225 employers asking them to identify the top five skills they were seeking in a candidate for employment. It is not surprising that “communication” was among the top five desired skills. In fact, 98% of surveyed employers identified communication as a highly desired skill. In...
For the last year I’ve been itching to launch a new talent acquisition start-up. Taking a “live in the future – then build what’s missing” approach, I’ve been studying the industry for that missing link. In addition to consulting gigs with enterprise sized TA organizations, I’ve also interviewed
Hiring is a fickle business. Yes, you need to match specialized talent with projects that sharpen your competitive advantage to survive in today’s unforgiving business landscape. But, budget constraints and geographic restrictions may put high-caliber talent out of reach for your ad hoc needs. As a result, leaders tend to assign projects to
Just like a few good dates with an attractive person of interest can lead to a bad relationship, a good series of interviews with a talented job candidate can lead to a bad hire. The common thread linking these relationship mishaps is our cultural obsession with assessment. eHarmony tests compatibility using its proprietary 29...
By John E. Thompson Employers in the retail industry take note: The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has announced that it is “reach[ing] out to [retail] workers to educate them about their rights” under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The initiative includes Labor Department’s publication of a
As a general rule, you should assume that time is always against you when you are trying to make a deal – any kind of deal. – Robert J. Ringer These words are as true today as they were when Mr. Ringer wrote them in his bestselling 1973 book Winning Through Intimidation. Daily...