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Dr. John Sullivan is a well-known thought leader in HR. He is a frequent speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley firms. Formerly the chief talent officer for Agilent Technologies (the 43,000-employee HP spin-off), he is now a professor of management at San Francisco State University. He was called the "Michael Jordan of Hiring" by Fast Company magazine. More recruiting articles by Dr. Sullivan can be found in the ER Daily archives.


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In this obviously tight job market, I estimate that it has become at least 25 percent harder to sell the most in-demand candidates. And closing the best is even more difficult if you are recruiting techies, data scientists, data security, and other in-high-demand professionals. So, if you expect to have a high level...
Recruiting has become a global interaction for many recruiters. The United States market is one the hottest markets in the world when it comes to jobs. There are a lot of new recruiters on the market who do not understand the timeline or cycle of the U.S. year. Here is a guide that...
Used to be every employer preferred hiring for skills and/or experience; the thinking was one or both of these traits would help the new hire seamlessly fit into the new job. Today, however, in the wake of ceaseless technological change, it’s all about hiring for talent. So, what is the difference? A skill is...
As employers continue to rethink hiring and retention strategies for our ever-evolving workforce, one resounding aspect keeps surfacing: the need for positive emotional connections in the workplace. The shift in human resources and talent acquisition from methodical to emotional techniques can be seen in even some of our most buzzworthy concepts:
After months of planning and building your benefits package, open enrollment is finally right around the corner. Now, how do you ensure your employees are paying attention and participating? One of the most effective ways to maximize engagement is to limit the confusion and hesitation employees feel around open enrollment. Start by arming...
Go to, search for beanbags, and you’ll come across the Piggy Bag. The product has 17 different types of content on the page designed to entertain and excite buyers using an empathetic approach to selling. Why is, a website selling a £79 glorified cushion that will inevitably gather dust in the...