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Dr. John Sullivan is a well-known thought leader in HR. He is a frequent speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley firms. Formerly the chief talent officer for Agilent Technologies (the 43,000-employee HP spin-off), he is now a professor of management at San Francisco State University. He was called the "Michael Jordan of Hiring" by Fast Company magazine. More recruiting articles by Dr. Sullivan can be found in the ER Daily archives.


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Mary considers herself to be a good manager. Whenever one of her employee’s is struggling with an assignment she swoops in to help them put things into order and give pointers. Her company is now introducing a new 360-degree performance management system based on continuous feedback and, as a manager, she’s been encouraged...
Let’s be real. Interviews are a terrible way to hire tech candidates. Not only do you not get a real sense of the candidate, they often weed out good candidates in favor of bad ones. In this fantastic article on Medium by Eric Elliott, he talks about many of the techniques that work...
Technology is leading the way in the 21st century and as sourcing experts, we must use it to our advantage. As a follow up to “The Importance of Research In Sourcing,” I would like to introduce the importance of social sourcing in the world of sourcing. is a great tool for this as...
A common job interview question – “Where do you see yourself in five years?” – may actually have a simple but undesirable answer for much of the workforce: “Working somewhere else.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Population Survey, close to 50% of employees have been with their
When employees aren’t working, it costs their employers money. Vacation and sick time are the most common forms of leave, but more and more business owners are faced with requests for extended leaves of absence for other reasons. According to this SHRM survey, businesses are spending more than $10,000 annually to administer FMLA...
Performance management standards are evolving. As digital technologies and new research come into play, organizations are rethinking their approach to core human resources functions. The often-scrutinized annual performance review has a few simple goals: providing managers and employees insights on performance, discussing future goals and