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Dr. John Sullivan is a well-known thought leader in HR. He is a frequent speaker and advisor to Fortune 500 and Silicon Valley firms. Formerly the chief talent officer for Agilent Technologies (the 43,000-employee HP spin-off), he is now a professor of management at San Francisco State University. He was called the "Michael Jordan of Hiring" by Fast Company magazine. More recruiting articles by Dr. Sullivan can be found in the ER Daily archives.


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In 2012, Google wanted to find out what made great teams great. Google’s People Operations group poured through 50 years of research, conducted hundreds of interviews and observed numerous teams. Data and analytics should surely point to an algorithm of skills and characteristics that predict team success, right? Wrong. The one trait that...
Many moons ago I was listening to a presentation by Glen Cathey and the key take-a-ways was the notion of thinking in variations and the possibilities it presented when coupled with some good old fashioned Boolean. The concept is simple really – how can you search on and find what you are looking...
By John E. Thompson It’s time for a reminder: Long-held conventional wisdom that might be questionable or even mistaken under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (or the laws of other jurisdictions) continues to face unprecedented scrutiny. It is tempting to take comfort in platitudes like this: “The whole industry pays employees that
There’s a lot of talk currently about the use of analytics in recruiting. Unfortunately, in my experience many talent acquisition leaders seem to be confusing analytics with reporting and metrics. Reporting is not the same as analytics. Dashboards, visualizations, and reports that are thicker than War and Peace are fine, but they are...
Today, at a time when hiring, new job creation and voluntary turnover are at 5-year highs, there is no shortage of CEOs making bold talent policy moves. Indeed, these kinds of programs can increase engagement and productivity. However, they can also bring a myriad of unintended consequences if data isn’t used to inform...
By Eric B. Meyer What happens when an employee’s national origin claim becomes a retaliation lawsuit? Late last week, Kurt Orzeck at Law360 wrote about a lawsuit that the EEOC initiated in California federal court against a bakery. In that lawsuit, the EEOC alleges that one of the bakery employees complained to the EEOC that...