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As in the earlier parts of this series, our focus is on the bootstrap entrepreneur who may not have a fixed and firm business plan, who funds his business through modest and limited savings of his own, and has no major advantages, such as patented killer products, or a captive customer who will pay a profitable price. If you do happen to have some
This is a true story, which illustrates a rule rather than an exception, but of a rather less apparent and seemingly paradoxical aspect, of professional growth. It may help you to strengthen yourself or your team members, while they are going through tough work situations and assignments, and see the light at the end of the tunnel... a long tunnel
In the first part of this series, we talked about all the things you don’t need, to become a successful entrepreneur (“exploding the myths…”); so now, let us focus on the things you do  need. These essentials apply all the more strongly, if you do not have a watertight business plan, an existing killer product idea,
“Kuch karna hai, yaar, bahut pak gaya…” – roughly translated from modern Hindi, and meaning, “I’m fed up, I need to do something (meaningful)…” an oft-repeated sentence by organization employees who want to start their own businesses, build their own organizations, and become the masters of their