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Jack Canfield is an American motivational speaker and author. He is best known as the co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, which currently has nearly 200 titles and 112 million copies in print in over 40 languages. According to USA Today, Chicken Soup for the Soul and several of the series titles by Canfield and his writing partner, Mark Victor Hansen, were among the top 150 best-selling books of the last 15 years.
In July 2004, Jack Canfield founded the Transformational Leadership Council, a group of thought leaders, speakers, authors, coaches, trainers, researchers, consultants, and other leaders in the fields of personal and professional development. The members of TLC meet semi-annually to network, connect, and learn from each other, to enhance members' effectiveness and contribution in the world.


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Have you ever heard the saying, “the quality of your life depends on the quality of the questions you ask?”I believe this one hundred percent... After all, it’s only when you ask the really big questions of yourself (“What do I want?” “Why am I here?” “How can I live the life I want?”) that
For many people, unexpected life changes are the source of their biggest fears.What if their jobs get outsourced? What if their spouse leaves them? What if their town’s main source of employment dries up?  What if the future they always imagined for themselves turns out to be a pipe dream?The possibilities can be scary to Read More The
Did you know that you have a powerful “secret weapon” inside you that you can use to achieve any goal you can imagine?It’s true! This weapon is your MINDSET. When you activate its unlimited power and truly believe that you are capable of achieving your dreams, you will. It’s just that simple.But cultivating a success-
Earlier this year I co-authored a book called The 30-Day Sobriety Solution with Dave Andrews.  Sobriety is very important topic for me as it's something I’ve watched friends and family struggle with more times than I ever imagined possible. Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the book -- and request for support-- Dave
When we have a big question or an important decision to make, many of us look outside of ourselves for the answers. We turn to Google. We get advice from our friends and family. We read books or consult the teachings of experts. Yet we often neglect to consult the most important authority of all: Read More The post 7 Tips to Strengthen Your
I’m delighted to announce that my new book, The 30-Day Sobriety Solution: How to Cut Back or Quit Drinking in the Privacy of Your Own Home, is now available as an audiobook! I’m also thrilled to report that the book is getting rave reviews. What I find especially rewarding is that the positive feedback we’ve Read More The post