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A lion and a tiger were drinking beside a river when the lion let out a huge roar.  The tiger said, "Why do you roar like a fool?"-"That's not foolish," said the lion, with a twinkle in his eyes.  "They call me king of all the beasts because I advertise." A rabbit heard them talking and ran home.
The next time someone calls you an egotistical jerk, you might think that thanking them just confirms their opinion.  But that's exactly what you should feel like doing.  They have just provided a strong endorsement of your mental health. Self-esteem is a lightning rod buzz word these days, mostly because it is often perceived
A cartoon in The New Yorker magazine showed two assistants preparing a conference room.  One says to the other, "And don't forget the little notepads in case one of them has an idea." Good ideas in sales -- that don't look like a gimmick -- are hard to come by.  They are certainly not a dime a dozen.
With so much focus on finding or keeping jobs in this economy, one significant employment factor seems to get moved down the pros and cons chart:  What kind of boss will my next supervisor be? Interviewing with a human relations specialist....  Meeting folks up and down the line...  Putting your best foot forward while they are
It's a great opportunity, maybe even your dream job.  All the stars are lining up -- the company you've admired, top-notch staff, terrific benefits, ideal location.  You've aced the interview, and you know you'd be a perfect fit.  What more could you ask for? Maybe that's the wrong question.  Maybe you
So this is the year you're going to break away from the pack and set reasonable, achievable goals.  And then, you're going to get through your whole list so you can reach even higher in 2012. Call them New Year's resolutions, personal goals or just your to-do list.  Or perhaps your goals are company-related, where you