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After many decades of being a business owner and salesman, I have never, ever changed my Golden Rule of Selling:  Know Your Customer. Customers are the reason we open our doors every day, and keep the machines humming all night long.  Customers determine what we eat, where we live, whether we stay in business.  We can keep our
"Is social media a fad or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution?" asks Erik Qualman, author ofSocialnomics.  Consider these statistics he presents, and my analysis of them, and then decide how connected you should be.  Hint:  Your company website alone is no longer enough! As of 2010, Generation Y
Throughout the holidays, a lot of emphasis frequently falls on children.  Why?  Because children bring such a marvelous perspective to events that many of us take for granted. Kids get excited about life in general.  They see everything with fresh eyes, knowing they will find something new and different every time they look.
"How many salespeople do you have?"  I'm often asked that question, and I reply that we have 450.  "WOW!" is the usual response, followed by "How many employees do you have?"  My answer is the same:  "450." To me, job titles don't matter.  Everyone is in sales. 
There's an old saying that goes:  It is easy to change things.  It is hard to change people.  Resistance to change is perhaps the biggest threat to progress a business can face. Case in point:  In 1972, a young engineer at Texas Instruments named Gary Boone came up with the idea for a full computer on a chip, which we
Don MacPherson is co-founder and President of Modern Survey, a human capital measurement company which, among other things, conducts employee engagement surveys.  Their research has shown that recognition and appreciation is the top driver of employee engagement. Perhaps it seems elementary, but Don says if you want employees who are