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One afternoon when American League baseball umpire Bill Guthrie was working behind the plate, the catcher of the visiting team repeatedly protested his calls.  Guthrie endured this for three innings.  But in the fourth inning when the catcher started to complain again, Guthrie stopped him. "Son," he said gently, "you
Spring cleaning is not just for your home or garden.  Do yourself a favor and spruce up your office, your calendar, your brain -- anything that will improve your productivity and your outlook. If you are one of those people whose office looks like a disaster area, but maintain that you can find anything whenever you need it, you'll
Quick, name three people at your workplace whom you look forward to seeing every day.  Now, name three who rain on your parade every time you see them. Which list was easier to generate? I believe it was Lucy of Peanuts fame who said, "I love mankind.  It's people I can't stand!" But Lucy would
The game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? is a suspenseful half-hour that offers contestants the opportunity to dramatically improve their financial picture.  Answer a dozen or so questions correctly, with help on a few if necessary, and watch the bank account mushroom. If it were really that simple, anyone could become
Don Shula is a legend -- an incredibly successful professional football coach.  Some years ago I negotiated a contract for a first-round National Football League draft choice with Shula, and I've been closely following his career since. He holds the NFL record for most career wins, 347 over 32 seasons.  He led the Miami Dolphins
A college student arrived a few minutes late for his final exam in mathematics.  The room was quiet, with everyone working hard, and the professor silently handed him the test.  It consisted of five math problems on the first page and two on the second.  The student sat down and began to work.  He solved the first five problems