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While my days of running marathons are just pleasant memories, I still get the itch this time of year when the Twin Cities and Chicago Marathons are held.   I have ten marathons under my belt, including four New York races and one Boston.  When you are running a grueling race with thousands of people, for most it doesn't
A buddy of mine dubbed my newest book, The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World, "Harvey Mackay's economic stimulus plan."  It's custom-tooled to boost the take-home pay of sales pros, from novices to veterans.   Right now, war is raging between the old school of pound-the-pavement sellers and new age techno-
During economic downturns, most folks are content to maintain the status quo, not expecting to really get ahead.   Turns out, a defeatist mindset like that stop someone from living the life they really want to live.  And there is a terrific new book that will change attitudes and inspire people to Prosper, as the book is aptly
In our country, and indeed all over the globe, we are facing so many crises that we hardly know which one to address first.   But one issue that is rarely identified as a real crisis, which I believe is at the root of so many of these other problems, is a crisis in integrity.  So many problems would be greatly diminished or
Perhaps my all-time favorite business book is Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich.  I recommend reading and re-reading it, perhaps even annually, to keep your focus laser-sharp. Now, I have an addition for your reading list.  It's Outwitting the Devil, written by Hill in 1938 (yes -- 1938!) but never before released. 
In his book What the Dog Saw, Malcolm Gladwell titles one especially worthwhile chapter "The New-Boy Network." According to Gladwell, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave a speech to former Microsoft interns and a young man posed an astute question to Ballmer. After that talk, Ballmer asked this college senior for his e-mail address. Soon Ballmer