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3. SME OneSource Infotech Pvt. Ltd., - To establish a plat form for Small and Medium Enterprises in India and create cross-channel business opportunities (


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MAKE IN INDIA takes us back to 16th century, the era of British East India Company, which got dissolved in 1874. MAKE IN INDIA is not to be looked at as Political Campaign by Modi Sarkar. MAKE IN INDIA is to boost Manufacturing business in the country to create more and more employment opportunities, increased exports and contribute to the
From: siliconindia.comRecommended by: G NagarajSME OneSource Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore based start up: Providing a Socio-Commercial Collaborative Growth Platform for SMEs & Startups By Sandeep Sen SME – Small and Medium Enterprise segment is the fastest growing segment in India today and they are the backbone of Indian economy.
From: By admin Recommended by: G Nagaraj Is Non-Performing-Asset status a incurable disease ? No. It is not, it is just a symptom of getting infectious at a later date.  In such situation, psychologically mind of the business owner will never work in a right direction.  You are
  What next when YOU (IT Products & Services Company) fall below the Break-Even-Point in your business and left with no cash? Please participate in the POLL on linkedin.   Thank you in
SMEs and Startups tend to ignore implementation of business processes and will be flexible w.r.t financial discipline in the beginning of the venture.  During the course of business say in first 5-10 years, if the business is profitable and build cash reserves, they claimed to have succeeded in the business without any processes. During
Get back to basics - do not give up morals and ethics in the land of humble people.100's of MNCs coming into Indian Market in the name of liberalization every year.  What are the primary responsibilities, accountability and moral resp to be set and imposed on Multi-national companies spreading their wings in India?  Globalization is the



This question is bugging me for a long time.  I may be wrong in understanding, but this is the usual process being followed by al most all organizations. In my opinion, attitude, interpersonal skills and other skills are required to be assessed before the technical interview is carried out.   I feel this is required for both
Many asks me, how I handle manage too many activities at a time.  I have asked myself - how to effectively manage multiple businesses and still be profitable.   When I started strategic business consulting practice, I was approached by many in my network to support them in sales and business development.  it was all a great
Who is important for successful and sustainable business? Loyal employee or competent employee or both? What is more practical?  Making Loyal employee competent or making competent more loyal? I request the members of Business Gyan to comment on this for the benefit of all.   Best regards, G Nagaraj Hanu
Dear Members,  It is disheartening to note that the startups gain less and loses a lot.   This is high time for SMEs and Startups to come together to fight this out with the GOI by taking the baby step together TODAY.   Please send us your comments and your interest in this direction.
  Information on Why ERP is available in thousands of web-sites and blogs over internet.   Enough has been done to educate the masses on this subject.  For some ERP is mandatory, for some ERP is learning thing, for some ERP is a scaring devil, for some ERP is necessity. For some organization, it is more of an integrated
Happy morning all members and visitors of Business Gyan: Have you read "Stay Hungry Stay Foolish" by Rashmi Bansal? Good work where over 25 IIM Ahmedabad graduates share their entrepreneurship journey.  When I tried to consolidate their experience and my own experience in the last decade, I could narrow them down to