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Working as a Business Analyst. Knowledge in US healthcare domain and health insurance. Have experience in Pre-sales and functional testing


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I have come up with  a sample recruitment process flow. This explains the basic recruitment process happening with in a HR department. Download and use if you find useful and also can send me suggestions for improvement as well.
Summary Often, when we talk about beauty, our brain cells unconditionally tend to imagine and portray a picture of young Women. This is a very common and natural thought process. While this is not always true, beauty is deep and beyond gender! Beauty means not only the outer surface appearance of someone, but also who they are inside and how
Theme: Requirements elicitation is a simple, yet complex process. A properly documented requirement will help in achieving successfully customer outcome! Qualities of a requirements analyst is important than the requirements itself!   Scenario Customer: I need to automate my manual sales process You: Ok.