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Forbes is an American business magazine. Published bi-weekly, it features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics. Forbes also reports on related subjects such as technology, communications, science, politics, and law. Its headquarters is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Primary competitors in the national business magazine category include Fortune and Bloomberg Businessweek. The magazine is well known for its lists and rankings, including of the richest Americans (the Forbes 400), of the world's top companies (the Forbes Global 2000), and The World's Billionaires. The motto of Forbes magazine is "The Capitalist Tool". Its chairman and editor-in-chief is Steve Forbes, and its CEO is Mike Perlis. It was announced on July 18, 2014 that a majority stake in the publisher had been sold to a group of investors through their vehicle Integrated Whale Media Investments.



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Recent news paints a rocky road for retailers. All one needs to do is look at the activity in layoffs to see what retailers and product manufacturers are feeling. About 2,500 headquarters jobs at have been cut this year, Walmart/Sam’s Club could lay off 1,000 at corporate, lays off 675 people, ’s 7,800 layoffs, HSBC
Chinese shares have fallen nearly 30% after hitting a peak June 2 and it doesn’t appear that official efforts to prop up prices have helped much with stocks falling on Tuesday. It’s more important than ever to understand the Chinese consumer and identify areas of opportunities for marketers. Recently, ProsperChina™ uncovered the merchandise
Movie studios spend an average of $30 million to market the typical PG-13 action film in the U.S. That’s a lot of scratch, even for Hollywood’s studio royalty. So with marketing often a make-or-break factor for action files, movie marketing executives fret endlessly about where to invest their ad dollars for best results, given a plethora of media
Deploying analytics successfully – especially advanced analytics at scale – goes beyond crunching terabytes of data and using “visualization” techniques to tease out the stories. The hardest part is creating crisp insights readily translatable into decisions and actions by a fully-aligned organization that has a holistic (non-siloed; online/
In a major shift, media companies – including digital, social media and traditional broadcast and cable outlets – are changing how they sell ads. Instead of marketing squishy metrics such as clicks, impressions, reach or gross rating points (GRPs), they are deploying advanced analytics and tracking technology that allows them to sell
Since the Internet’s infancy, consumers have been gaining power and control over the purchasing process. Armed with unprecedented amounts of information and enabled with new digital technologies, they’ve experienced a giddy generation of greater control. For marketers, this changed everything. Instead of calling the shots, they found themselves