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  The First Milestone of a Business Analyst – The Business Case Effective Business Analysts realize that to avoid failure, they should build the business case for their projects by getting intimately knowledgeable about the reasons why sponsors approved their projects. Too many projects are shelved because of the lack of
Inorganic Growth,Why? Fundamentally, acquisitions create value when they enhance the strategic capabilities of both the companies, improving the competitive capabilities of either or both, resulting in improved financial results. There are companies that on their own probably would not be able to make it, but when combined, are able to create a
On many occasions I have been asked how do we drive the negotiation meeting. http://www.businessgyan.com/sites/default/files/Negotation.jpg Here is a simple five-step Negotiation Process that can be applied for successful results in all your negotiating sessions:   Step 1: Analyse the Negotiation Situation Start by
Leadership Styles Leadership is thought of as a single skill. Is it really so? Many feel that leadership skill is something which you either have or don’t have, but in reality leadership skill is something that can be acquired and developed. When we look at some of the great leaders from history, sport, and our own lives; we see
The Small and Medium Entrepreneur (SME) segment in India is perhaps one of the largest in the world, employing about 31million people, having 12.8 million entrepreneurs, contributing 90% of industrial units with 40% value add in the manufacturing sector, 39% of the manufacturing output and 33% of the total exports. TheSME segment is defined as
The rapid changing business scenario in the market place, due to the globalization phenomenon, growth in the outsourcing mode of working, the need to speed up growth, and the shortening of product cycles, has forced companies to think about using "mergers and acquisitions" as a part of their business strategy, to meet their business