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Dave Crenshaw has appeared in TIME magazine, Forbes, and on MSN Money. He has been interviewed on radio and TV stations across North America and is the President of the National Association of Productivity Coaches. His first book, The Myth of Multitasking: How ‘Doing It All’ Gets Nothing Done, has been published in six languages and is a time management best seller. His latest book, Invaluable: The Secret to Becoming Irreplaceable, was published in May by Jossey-Bass. Dave is an expert in helping you and your business become invaluable and has helped thousands of clients worldwide.


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I had an interesting conversation with my Lyft driver today on the way to a local speaking event that tied in with the topic I was going to speak on at the Davis Conference Center in Layton, Utah. We were discussing how he has a side business as a nutritional coach and that even though … Continue reading "How education fails without
I have a question for you. When you take a vacation, are you able to stop and truly enjoy it? Or do you constantly think of all the work you need to get done and struggle to relax? In this world that is addicted to the myth of multitasking, we cannot seem to slow down … Continue reading "How to stop and enjoy your vacation" The post How to
Do you have a low tolerance for pain? That may sound like an odd question to ask with a beautiful hotel like the Shangri-La Makati in Manila in the background. But it’s actually a perfect setting for this topic!  The environment here is expertly crafted to create an absence of any pain. Which leads into my point …
During my stay in Sydney, Australia, I was blown away by the hotel, Ovolo. This place created a jaw-dropping, fun experience tailored around customer service from the minute I walked through the doors. No, I am not turning into a travel agent, hang with me a minute. The Oovla is the perfect visual example of leadership,
Do you know the difference between chaos and focus? The two seem very similar by definition, but it’s critical to understand what sets them apart. This is one of the topics I discussed here at the impressive Gold coast convention center in Gold Coast, Australia, and I’d like to share some of it with you. 
How many hours per week do you believe you must work to be successful? How would you define the word “successful?” Think about how it would feel to live the life you want to live NOW, not tomorrow, or when you retire. Is that life centered around working long hours, day after day? Then why … Continue reading "How many hours do



For small business owners, trying to compete with big business is like trying to fight your way to the front of a mosh pit. Going head-on just won’t work. That kind of pushing and shoving can lead to an elbow to the head, courtesy of Chaos Inc.! But there are subtle and effective—dare I say, […] The post 3 Ways Small Businesses Thump Big
Business ownership isn’t just about the destination—the journey can be just as rewarding. Yet many entrepreneurs become so obsessed that they fail to see the dangerous curves ahead. Brace yourself, fellow chaos-fighters, because today I’m divulging my checklist for keeping control of the wheel. Keep your eyes on the road and
Small business owners know the power of a good reputation. But many of them underestimate the power of the almighty Google, and what it’s been telling your potential customers. So today’s sublime small business slice reveals exactly how to get back in Google’s good graces, and start bringing in the sales you deserve. Click to […] The post
By now you probably feel confident enough to tackle chaos when it hits—but what about where it starts? How does Chaos Inc. initiate the battle of good vs. evil and how can you keep it from getting the best of your small business? The cause of most entrepreneurial errors comes from some seemingly minor sins […] The post The 7 Fatal Sins of
The most powerful way to master a skill is the one thing most people seek to avoid: Practice. Practice? Practice?! Yes, Allan Iverson from 2002…we’re talking about practice. Specifically, the character-building process of repetition. Consider the skills you never really think about anymore. Perhaps your fine motor skills. As a baby,
Stuck in a sales slump? Convinced yourself that you’re getting bad leads, the market is in a down-cycle, and all the fat cats at City Hall are sticking it to the little guy? Maybe. Then again, it could be that those skills could use a little sharpening. Sales skills are like a chef’s knife. Honed … Continue reading "How Dull