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The real star of the Winter Olympics wasn’t so much a person, but a country: Norway. How did a nation of only 5.2 million people (fewer than the population of metro Atlanta) leave PyeongChang with more medals than any country on the planet?Several articles have investigated the secrets of Norway’s success. Beyond the obvious explanations — a
Hey, Hubspot and I just released two new episodes of the 1-3-20 Podcast.As you might recall, the podcast's name describes its format. In each episode I talk to the author of 1 book. I ask her 3 key questions (What’s the big idea? Why should I care? What should I do?). And we get it all done, delivering you big ideas and smart takeaways, in less
One of the questions I’ve been getting most these days is this: “What’s the best time of day to exercise?”In this 109-second Pinkcast, I offer the answer. You can watch by clicking the image below.https://gallery.mailchimp.com/cd386f06403a9ef25ce755fbe/images/8ba7a28b-3c72-487b-9e60-6e0968d339f4.gif
Last week, John Perry Barlow died at the age of 70. I got a chance to meet him once and I was mesmerized by his extraordinary life. He was a lyricist for the Grateful Dead when he was young, an early advocate for digital rights and free expression when he was older, and a cowboy and Republican politician in between. But one of his most
From: gallery.mailchimp.com ByRecommended by: danielhpinkPINKCAST: How to be great at work: Do less and obsess We’re all looking for a performance edge. But is the secret to doing more the commitment to doing less? That’s what University of California-Berkeley professor Morten Hansen has found in his research. In this 78-second Pinkcast,
An offbeat solution for useless meetings One reason I became self-employed 20 years ago was to escape meetings. (Alas, that hasn’t proved a foolproof solution because of the hideous ascent of conference calls. But that’s a rant for another day). Most meetings, I found, were aimless and unproductive. And I could never find a way to put a brake