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Our mission: to support and spread great ideas.

Great ideas = Passion. Conviction. Knowledge. Education. Thought. Persuasion. Freedom. Appeal. Change. Point-of-View. Self-Betterment. Inspiration.

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ChangeThis was built in the summer of 2004 by Amit Gupta, Catherine Hickey, Noah Weiss, Phoebe Espiritu and Michelle Sriwongtong. The original idea behind ChangeThis came from Seth Godin. You can read about him on his website.

In the summer of 2005, ChangeThis was turned over to 800-CEO-READ. In addition to selling business books, they keep ChangeThis up and running with their love and tender care. To learn more about 800-CEO-READ, read their daily blog.

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“Coverage of the supposedly meteoric revenue growth of a number of Silicon Valley startups—most recently Uber, Snapchat, and Instagram—whose hugely ambitious and driven founders had genius ideas and attracted massive amounts of venture funding, has fueled unrealistic notions: what a good idea looks like; how fast a founder should
“There is a new wave of innovation taking place inside many organizations that gives people an opportunity to make important, innovative contributions to business and to society. My beliefs about innovation have evolved and are now centered on three basic tenets: Most of us can be far more innovative in business than we give ourselves
“When you get accountability wrong, don’t expect anything else to go right in your job, on your team, or in the organization as a whole. Treating only the symptoms of dysfunction that stem from poor accountability practices will cause you to lose time and miss opportunities to get real traction towards the results you want. When you
“Status reports. Emails. Weather reports. From the moment your alarm jolts you awake, you’re bombarded with data. Here’s an eye-opening fact for you: the amount of data you likely consume in a day—34 gigabytes—would fill dozens of pickup trucks if you printed it all out. So what’s the problem with all this
“Far too many corporate social responsibility statements and annual reports claim, 'Our employees are our most important asset.' Is that what we are? Assets? No, we are not assets. We are not human capital. We are not headcount. You cannot count me. We are the individuals who make up our organizations. We are team members. We are co-workers
“In the last thirty years, the Internet has come to be regarded two ways: As an unstoppable alien invasion, fast destroying our minds and hearts, and also as the air we breathe—transparent and somehow beneath our notice. […] In fact, the Internet, in my view, is a massive and collaborative work of art—something billions