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Brands are very valuable to a company, do you have them protected so they are not usurped by someone? Read through the nuances Though many of businessgyan readers might be aware of brands and branding, I will take the liberty of revisiting it from a legal standpoint just to make things easier. The term “Brand” meaning a label or a
Businesses both individual and corporate enter into business relationships with either individuals or businesses to enable them to carry on their day-to-day commercial transactions. Most of these relationships result in “contracts” that have legal consequences. Most contracts do not have to be in writing to be enforceable. This article
As the Internet continues its remarkable expansion, its capacity to disseminate information, knowledge and content has propelled the intellectual property system to the center of an unending debate over the future shape of the online world. In this new and rapidly changing environment, information and knowledge are increasingly the source of value
  It is by now well known and documented that the services sector would be amongst the fastest growing segments of the industry and services firms will dominate the economic landscape hitherto. Another interesting aspect is that despite the growing importance of the service sector, the interdependence between the production of goods and