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The Hindi Business Standard is published from eight centres across northern India - New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow, Bhopal, Chandigarh and Raipur. Its content can be accessed at

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From: Buisness-standard By Akash Prakash Recommended by: business-standard I had the opportunity to spend last week in the US, meeting up with a bunch of global investors. A fascinating week amidst the turmoil roiling global markets. Some of the takeaways for me personally were as follows: 1. There is tremendous pain vis-a-vis
From: Buisness-standard By Joseph E Stiglitz Recommended by: business-standard All eyes are on the United States as November’s Congressional elections approach. The outcome will answer many alarming questions raised two years ago, when Donald Trump won the presidential election.Will the US electorate declare that Trump is not
From: Buisness-standard Recommended by: business-standard Three or so months ago, while looking for Keynes’ General Theory in a long-neglected bookshelf at home, I came across an ancient paperback collection of John O’Hara’s short stories. Many of his stories were just that — very short, of about 1,000 words and were published in the
From: Buisness-standard By Mahesh Vyas Recommended by: business-standard In the month of September, the labour participation rate increased to 43.2 per cent. This was its highest during the current fiscal so far. News reports from the labour markets of large scale recruitment seem to connect with this increase in the labour
From: Buisness-standard By M J Antony Recommended by: business-standard After nine months of gust and then the relative tranquility in the Supreme Court, the new Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi has promised “radical reforms” to tackle the evils that have bedeviled the judicial system. How he will go about this mighty task in his 13-
From: Buisness-standard By Parthasarathi Shome Recommended by: business-standard On the last occasion when I wrote on this topic, data availability was inclusive of 2013-14. Now we have up to 2015-16. The population totals considered are 351 million in 1980-81, 778 million in 2013-14, and 810 million in 2015-16 comprising the



It is said that a term generally used by retailers in the West, especially during November. It originated in the mid-60s thanks to the Philadelphia Police department. Name it.Black Friday. The Philadelphia Police Department started to refer to the day after Thanksgiving as Black Friday, with the unrealistic hope that people would find the whole
From: Buisness-standard By Sangeeta Tanwar Recommended by: business-standard We will see intelligent virtual assistants emerging in the travel and hospitality sectors, with concierge services becoming more automated and apps solving a lot of issues, Aloke Bajpai tells Sangeeta recently ventured into budget hotels
Following a recent campaign featuring actor Kapil Sharma rooting for the brand with the exhortation Bech de, OLX is back to featuring common people in its new campaign. The message this time: Don't dither over purchase decisions.This is the first buyer-focused campaign from OLX, an online marketplace for used goods. The campaign has two television
From: Buisness-standard By A K Bhattacharya Recommended by: business-standard The Narendra Modi government completes two years in office tomorrow. How has it done with regard to the management of the economy? Available macroeconomic indicators suggest a mixed picture.Economic growth in the last two years has stayed above seven
From: Buisness-standard By Ritwik Sharma Recommended by: business-standard Marketing is not a science; unfortunately, it has become formulaic selling and it's not working, Suman Srivastava tells Ritwik SharmaIn your book, Marketing Unplugged, you have refuted a number of marketing truisms. What are the major changes in the
From: Buisness-standard By Strategist Team Recommended by: business-standard We assume physical attraction will be an advantage in life, including helping attractive salespeople to increase shoppers' purchasing intent and satisfaction.However, according to a study by Lisa Wan, assistant professor at the School of Hotel and



From: Buisness-standard By Arvind Singhal Recommended by: business-standard Now well into its fifth year of being in power, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government continues to ignore one of the most vital growth drivers of the Indian economy — its retail sector.Inexplicably, the government and its babus’ muddled
From: Buisness-standard By Bharat Bhushan Recommended by: business-standard The Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) hopes for pulling off elections in nearly a dozen states along with the general election have been dashed. The expectations of obtaining favourable judgements on crucial poll issues from the Courts also seem
From: Buisness-standard By R Gopalakrishnan Recommended by: business-standard The chasm between jugaad and innovation lies in a deep crevice called sustainability and replicability. The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) of the Niti Aayog has adopted an approach that cuts across the apparent impediments and tries to use their
From: Buisness-standard By Kenneth Rogoff Recommended by: business-standard Even if any emerging-market bond meltdown remains contained, recent jitters ought to be a wake-up call, even for advanced economiesAre brewing exchange-rate and debt crises in Argentina and Turkey localised events without broader implications? Or are
From: Buisness-standard By Parthasarathi Shome Recommended by: business-standard As the first year of GST was completed, many articles appeared on the first year’s performance or lack of it. One matter that perhaps remains to be addressed is the government’s customer focus reflected in the 50 communications by the chairman,
From: Buisness-standard By Shyam Saran Recommended by: business-standard The celebrated futurologist, Ray Kurzweil, has predicted that by the year 2029 advances in artificial intelligence (AI) would bring us to the point where a $1,000 computing device may be able to replicate the full range of capacities and functioning of the