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On Monday night, Apple's CEO Tim Cook boasted, for the first time, about the Apple Watch. He touted the 3,500 apps now available for the device and bragged about the "overwhelmingly positive" response to the new line of smartwatches. He even said Apple may have misjudged the higher-than-expected demand for certain models and watch bands.The one
Circle, a company that lets users easily send and receive bitcoins, has raised a $50 million funding round led by Goldman Sachs and China's IDG Capital Partners, the company announced Wednesday.Launched in October 2013, Circle had two funding rounds prior to this one — $9 million at time of launch and another $17 million in March 2014. This latest
Netflix CEO Reed Hastings seems to have learned his way around Washington.On April 15, Hastings, an evangelist for Internet TV and a sworn enemy of cable companies, made a striking comment to investors during the company's otherwise routine quarterly earnings call. Hastings told analysts that Netflix's "main goal" was to squash Comcast's proposed
Good news for those who wear big, bold luxury logos on their sweaters or tees. A new study by the Journal of Business Research shows that logo peacocks are generally seen in a more positive light than those with more plain apparel.In a series of three experiments, researchers found that a majority of people associate a "displayer of wealth and
From:   By: Rhett Morris Via: The first trillion-dollar startup, by @rhettmorris @endeavor_global:’s note: Rhett Morris is the director of Endeavor Insight, the research arm of Endeavor, a
From:   By: Adam Grant Via: Want Happiness? Science Says You Should Stop Looking for It. Trying to be happy can make us unhappy: Challenge: Many people are so focused on trying to find



Health care costs are sky rocketing day by day. Therefore the need for having a mediclaim policy for you and your dependents has grown. Suppose you have to undergo some medical treatment or need to be hospitalized for certain reason, then a mediclaim policy will be of immense help to you in covering your health care expenses. The reason is
  Whenever there is a statement about anything in this world, regardless of who has said it, do not believe it. But to analyse it and know the truth is wisdom (Kural: 423): Thiruvalluvar, a celebrated Tamil poet. Sankaran, a 28-year old civil engineer working with a multinational company in Chennai had invested all his money in stocks
We all work and earn money. Do we manage our hard earned money effectively and efficiently? New Year is the time to take resolutions. Why don’t you take a resolution to prioritize and organize your personal finance? Here are the 10 commandments of personal finance that can help you in managing your personal finance better.
The mindset of today’s young professionals is changing radically. They would like to have a semi-retired life in their late forties or early fifties by taking up a hobby instead of a regular job. Somewhere within all of us, there is a dream to reach a point in life where we have enough wealth to be able to choose the work we would like
Balaji is working for an MNC. Today he has got a deadline for a particular assignment. His day is fully packed. First thing in the morning, he receives a mail from his HR Dept stating that today is the last date for producing proofs for tax saving investments; otherwise a huge amount will be deducted from his salary as tax. He wanted to do some
From: Via: The myth of the alpha male, by @sbkaufman: Man's Life, On ManhoodThe Myth of the Alpha MaleThere are a lot of false dichotomies out there — left brain vs. right brain, nature vs. nurture, etc. But one really