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Conducts network analysis to identify social capital within organizations.


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What is it with entrepreneurship in the technology that it is ruled by “me-too” syndrome. Is the world so famished for ideas that scores of firms operating in similar areas need to spring up? Is there a market for so many photo sharing sites? Just about everyone wants to hop onto the social networking bandwagon? Is there
Is entrepreneurship a prerogative of high technology? Why is it that when we use the term entrepreneur these days, it usually means someone who is in ICT? Why should there be another term ‘grass-root’ or “small” before entrepreneur to indicate that this person is different from another operating in a higher technological or
Some of you may have played this game or may have heard of this game. It seems that over half a million people have acted in over two lakhs films since 1898.  In the  year 1997 two students in USA thought Kevin Bacon was the centre of the movie universe and that every other actor can be linked to him through a series of steps. If the
How useful is it for entrepreneurs and businessmen to network continuously and have a great number of contacts? What do researchers say about ways in which one needs to network? What can entrepreneurs learn from these findings?