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As share markets around the world plummet and the news of global credit crisis spreads, fears of an imminent worldwide recession grow. Though, the threat to Indian business looms large, there are ways to spot a pending recession, as well as moves you can adopt to reduce its impact on your business.   Recession time reporting
By implementing best payroll practices, a company can greatly improve its level of efficiency, information reporting, especially within the payroll function, lower error rates, and improve service to employees. India's service sector accounts for more than half of its GDP. The input that fuels the service sector is its employees. With the
This article intends to highlight the Holiday and leave regulations for Establishments covered under The Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, 1961. You would be surprised to note that more than 25% of the salaries paid to employees are towards their leave! How many businesses have factored this in their costs?  
To ensure and monitor compliance under Labour Laws it is important to evolve a set of Mandatory and Best practices for your organisation. Needless to say that Ignorance is not bliss under law.  Labour Law Reforms however seems to be the need of the hour. Reforms in Labour laws have gained much focus in the recent past. The Government is also
Learn about "Cost to Company" or CTC in detail. Also given some tips to Structure the CTC of your employees. The phrase "Cost to Company" or CTC, as it is commonly known, means different figures to different people. For the Company, Cost to company is a term which essentially implies the amount of expenses the company will
With the emergence of The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act in June 2006, things are set to change for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). It helps improves cashflows for MSMEs by providing for a penal interest for delayed payments by buyers.   Historically, SSIs or Small Scale Industries related concessions