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Balakrishnan L ( Balki)
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Software Made Easy


Software Made Easy was started to enable Small and Medium Enterprises to make use of the web.

We create visually appealing and functionally efficient and user- friendly websites and web based applications.

We handle all services related to website right from domain name registration, hosting, graphic design, application development, portal development, shopping cart, payment gateway integration and reports.

Our other value added services include multimedia presentation for companies, content writing and graphic emails creation.

We are professional and quality conscious. We have long term association with our clients and we are their WEB PARTNER.


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Have you ever made any mistake in your working? What a stupid question! All of us have made mistakes. Including me. Plenty. It is a part of learning and it is almost impossible that you learn without making mistakes. In our Company, I encourage people to make mistakes. In fact, it works against itself. When the employees are
It is generally considered prudent to retain an employee, when there are symptoms that he is going to quit  than to replace him  with a new recruit. My experience has been on the contrary. Once an employee settles down and the employee and employer are comfortable, the expectations are set, the employee becomes complacent. As
If you are a Bangalorean and have been living away from this city for sometime (say since 5 years) and if you are planning to visit, you are in for a shock. Yes, it is no more the old charming cool Bangalore; it is undergoing a transformation. Rather complete. It is not Bangalore now but Bengaluru, to begin with. The city is populated with
Imagine we had eleven members in India's cricket team like Sachin Tendulkar. Think for a moment. Can any one win our Indian team? Never. Though it is an obvious answer, there is more to it than you imagine. I do not know how many people watched the India Australia ODI cricket match where Sachin scored 175. It was delightful to watch. No one
A very important factor to study in an organization is the dependence of an individual to complete a given task on others. A very important factor to study in an organization is the dependence of an individual to complete a given task on others. I find that we differ very much from the western countries in this regard.
As a part of my routine, I meet many graduates fresh from the college as well as not-so-fresh The tension of unemployed status is written all over their faces and is very understandable. The parents and the peers are the culprits and we assume as soon as one completes the study, he will land in a job that pays handsomely. With the recession of