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Balaji likes to Create “Joy at Work.” Work can be a pleasure when done right. The easiest way to get to a customer is when someone recommends you. BNI helps businesses connect to customers through referrals. Balaji Pasumarthy is Executive Director of BNI in Bangalore. BNI Bangalore has more than 35 chapters and more than 1350 members. Several BNI members get 100% of their business through BNI. Making getting new customers a pleasure. Balaji is also the owner of Golden Square Business Centre which provides ready to use offices facilities, which are ideal for new companies. Priced reasonably and well equipped, Golden Square has been used by more than 1500 companies making it easy for small teams to have an office. Balaji is an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore and is passionate about entrepreneurship, business strategy and creating Joy at Work. He writes a regular column on these topics in that he founded.


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R .Vaidyanathan  - Professor of Finance and Control, IIM Bangalore shares his thoughts on investments and the Stock Market. How should an individual investor go about investing in the stock market?   Prof. Vaidyanathan: There is a risk and return relationship and both are also linearly related. Larger the expected return
  Investing is more an art than a science, here are some ruminations on investing.   Understanding the value of an investment was the grand topic that the Businessgyan edit team set out to find answers for. What we found was fairly startling. While there is a lot of literature, views, opinions, models, investing finally
There has been enough complaining about the lack of a conducive eco-system for early stage entrepreneurs. Things are slowly but surely changing. TiE Bangalore recently selected Picsqaure for incubation for its Entrepreneur Acceleration Programme (EAP). "This is our attempt to kick start the early stage (seed/ angel stage) investment
A capsule on some of the best thoughts on what companies are doing to cope with the retention issues. With a variety of opportunities for talented people and higher salaries, retaining people has become a big problem for companies especially in Bangalore.  To add to this if you run a small company and do not have a dollar business model
Are we as a society prone to Debate rather than Discussion. Are our actions therefore sub-optimal? Reservations in Higher Education, Bandh over the Petrol Price Hike, Ban of the film The Da Vinci Code in some Indian States. While the newspapers and the airwaves were full of these controversies, one could hardly see issues being discussed,
    Consider this; which holds the 7th place among Internet Companies, with 3 Billion Page views and 7 million new classifieds a month has a staff of just 19 people. is a user contributed encyclopedia (which some users claim is better than encyclopedia Britannica) has 130 active