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Balaji likes to Create “Joy at Work.” Work can be a pleasure when done right. The easiest way to get to a customer is when someone recommends you. BNI helps businesses connect to customers through referrals. Balaji Pasumarthy is Executive Director of BNI in Bangalore. BNI Bangalore has more than 35 chapters and more than 1350 members. Several BNI members get 100% of their business through BNI. Making getting new customers a pleasure. Balaji is also the owner of Golden Square Business Centre which provides ready to use offices facilities, which are ideal for new companies. Priced reasonably and well equipped, Golden Square has been used by more than 1500 companies making it easy for small teams to have an office. Balaji is an alumnus of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore and is passionate about entrepreneurship, business strategy and creating Joy at Work. He writes a regular column on these topics in that he founded.


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When it comes to selecting leaders there could be a bias towards Extroverts. Well they certainly are more visible in a group. However some interesting studies suggest that Introverts can be better leaders in certain situations particularly when one wants proactive team members. Counter intuitive! yes. Francesca Gino, associate professor at
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India is ranked second in terms of Internet users added between 2008 and 2011. In terms of total number of Internet users India has 121 Million users, and this is growing at 38% per Annam. What is even more interesting is the rapid growth of 3G subscribers. Mobile Internet traffic is growing fast worldwide but in India, it is growing so rapidly
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