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His Excellency, The President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam talks about technology and taking the nation forward.... Societal transformation and explicit knowledge Economic growth for India is fundamentally tied to societal transformation in the knowledge products and service sector. Of course this in turn strengthens
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VAT registration is required for any business that is into sales either by way of trading, manufacturing etc.  The units may to Proprietary, Partnership, Private Limited as the case.The documents that are required to submit for company a are as below: Proprietary company:  1.   Application in VAT (Form 1).  2.  
Over my 36 years in retail management, one day stands out.  It was my first day as store manager at a new location—and it was the day I learned afresh about the essence of leadership. As I entered the store, smile on my face and notebook and pencil in hand, I mentally prepared myself to meet new customers and employees. Top of mind was
On a flight, when your plane takes off, the pilot tells all the passengers to stay in their seats with their seatbelts buckled. In many cases, the pilot will say, “We expect a certain amount of turbulence for the first part of the flight, so please stay buckled up.” When you start any new business or job, you will experience turbulence as well
Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2012, the annual flagship event of E Cell IIT Kharagpur, has well and truly begun. In a densely populated Kalidasa auditorium in IIT Kharagpur, the event unfolded on a serene and traditional evening of Jan 13 2012 with Dr Damodar Acharya, Director, IIT Kharagpur lighting the diya and
Nancy Ancowitz “Introverts. The world needs us, can't live without us, and often doesn't quite get us. However, we persist, mostly behind the scenes, quietly contributing to society—writing, creating, designing, researching, solving problems, and digging for treasures ancient and new. Are you one of us? If you're more of a Warren Buffett than
Bob Gilbreath "Four years ago, I grew frustrated with the lack of brand investment in digital marketing and set out to understand the fundamental reasons why this promising new space was still only attracting a small sliver of marketers’ multi-million-dollar budgets. I discovered that the issue was bigger than tiny click-thru rates and cautious