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AI, inequity, and our choice and agency

From: Buisness-standard By Arunabha Ghosh Recommended by: business-standard “Predicting the future is really hard, especially ahead of time,” warns Rodney Brooks, former director of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial
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White House says it will release government data to fuel AI research

President Donald Trump's top tech advisor said on Tuesday during an MIT robotics and AI conference panel that the US government will disclose any federal data that could further AI research. "Anything we can do to figure that out, we will work very
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Scientists built a robot fish to spy on hard-to-find ocean animals

Capturing marine life up close is tricky, but this robot could be a novel solution. Researchers from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed a soft, robot fish called SoFi, which can swim on its own and is
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Uber CEO slams MIT after study on ride-hailing minimum wages

$3.37.  That's the meager median wage Uber and Lyft drivers make per hour, according to a paper published by MIT's Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research that surveyed over 1,000 drivers in the United States.  The study made
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MIT's School of Engineering gets Indian-origin dean

From:   By: TIMESOFINDIA.COM Via: Indians used to trek
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John Urschel: From the NFL to MIT

From:   By: Alexandra Wolfe Via: Baltimore Ravens guard has unusual off
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This new book on startups tells you how to build the next Uber for X

From: Via: This new book on startups tells you how to build the next Uber for X for X, Airbnb for Y, Facebook for Z. These
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The Science Behind Team Intelligence

What makes teams effective? People have been trying to find out for centuries, but researchers looking into that question recently discovered something new. According to psychologists at MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Union College, groups take on a
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Is Crowdfunding Leveling The Playing Field For Female Entrepreneurs?

Women own more than 9.1 million businesses in the U.S., up from 7.8 million in 2007. These female-led companies employed nearly 8 million people and generated $1.4 trillion in sales last year.Even though one in five firms in the country with revenue