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How To Quit Your Social Media Addiction (Even If It's Part Of Your Job)

Conventional wisdom says that Max Soni should be all over social media. He's the founder of DotComSEO, a digital marketing and search engine optimization company that, among other things, tells clients how to use social media. So it stands to reason
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Building Your Consulting Practice Through Inbound Marketing

From:   By: Henry DeVries Via: How can you get your message out in
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Discounts, advertising spur brisk Apple Watch sales

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Apple Watch sales appear to have rebounded for the holidays from mid-year doldrums on a redesign, price cuts and strong promotions, but analysts say long-term demand has yet to be
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Thanks to Trump ties DeleteUber campaign grows on social media

From: Mashable By Ariel Bogle Recommended by: Mashable Image: Getty Images for Vanity FairLinks to President Donald Trump are shaping up to be a liability for Silicon Valley's golden boys. Case in point: Uber.The hashtag #
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Which Features Increase Customer Retention?

From: Via: RT @VentureBean: Which Features Increase Customer Retention? via @mitsmrMost
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Brand managers, beware!

The over-worked managers better be on their guard, lest someone take them for a rideOne of the marketing dictums that is probably as old as the hills is “caveat emptor”. Which translates to “let the buyer beware”. But what
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The Expert’s Guide to Influence and Persuasion

From:   By: Jörgen Sundberg Via: Read Dr. Cialdini's
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Screw "Personal Branding": My Top Three Social Media Resolutions For 2017

This story reflects the views of this author, but not necessarily the editorial position of Fast Company.At each year's end, people are apt to imagine that the previous 12 months were uniquely bad, The New Yorker's Jia Tolentino recently pointed out
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How Dull Sales Skills Sell Yourself Short

Stuck in a sales slump? Convinced yourself that you’re getting bad leads, the market is in a down-cycle, and all the fat cats at City Hall are sticking it to the little guy? Maybe. Then again, it could be that those skills could use a little