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TPL India Singapore announces first tripartite India - Kuwait –Singapore joint venture

India Singapore ("TPLIS") announces US$110 million investment to set up normal-paraffin petrochemical plant at Jurong Island. It leverages TPL's strong track record in Normal-Paraffin production, its technological expertise and market
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How many you have?

Do you remember the 'How many you have' Fastrack ad?   Did you get it?   I didn't.  So what?  I am 53 years old (as though you asked).  But why is my age important?  Simple really. I
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Change Initiative 2007- Yukthi

Email is far from being a perfect system - we all experience problems with email. It is even worse for an SME, with limited budgets and expertise, to get email working satisfactorily.   Problems with email for SMEs   
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Clients & Deadlines

There is never enough time to do it right the first time, but there is always enough time to do it over. Words of comfort from Murphy's Laws. I often "visualise" a client calling me and saying he wants a great corporate brochure
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Ginger Hotels To Partner with Café Coffee Day

  Ginger Hotels announced a partnership with Café Coffee Day. Launching this May, the Ginger Hotel in Bangalore will now feature a Café Coffee Day outlet, providing an enhanced guest experience. This is in keeping with the
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Change Initiative 2007- Natural Search

Hitting a Sixer with Six Sigma Ravi Shankar - Director, Natural Search Internet Solutions (P) LTD   What would you call an innovation that converted waste into profit? I would call it brilliant- and that's what our team at
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CIPSA-RIC to double operations; second plant to commence in June 2007

CIPSA India, which was formed last year by two Indian Entrepreneurs - Mr. Anil Gupta and Mr. Alok Garg - along with CIPSA Spain, has announced growth plans to forge ahead as one of the leading PCB manufacturers globally. With increased acceptability
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Royal Caribbean Takes Delivery of Liberty of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International takes delivery of its newest Freedom-class ship, Liberty of the Seas, from Aker Yards during a ceremony in Turku, Finland. It has kept all guests in mind when developing its original and enhanced programming such as
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Are you ignoring your brand ambassador?

It's surprisingly simple. Send your sales force out; arm them with a few glib lines; let them zero-in on prospects and then spill it all out to them.   There, you have it. The easiest way of destroying your brand image and ensuring
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Add spirit …to the sizzle.

A sales tenet screams:   Sell the sizzle, not the steak.   The above reads well on paper. However, if it were so easy to transform people, how is it that we often fail to push people beyond the level that they have set for