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Visual Branding Less Said The Better!!

In a world where a number of brands are vying for mind space how does your brand standout. This article talks about an important facet of your Brand Strategy ‘A picture speaks a thousand words’. As clichéd as this might sound
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Insights Into Making Your Brand Eternal

Making Brands relevant to audiences on a sustained basis is key. How this is done is answered in this article By Ramanujam Sridhar, CEO of Brandcomm.   Recent years have seen a big surge in the awareness of brand building as marketers
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Proactive CRM and Customer Ecstasy is the New Age Mantra

Innovation has been his driving factor, whether it was with Brooke Bond Lipton during the initial years of his career or what became popular marketing stints at Tata Coffee for its launch at various centers. So, when it came to ‘Best Practices
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Collaborations for the customer Reflections on customer management

The CRM Rush and Roadblocks on the Freeway Suddenly, everywhere you go, everyone seems to be chanting a new mantra – CRM. The freshers out of college are talking about it at the roadside dhaba, and the young executive you bump into in the
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Savvy Marketing solutions from the Ubiquitous Post Office.

Many a time we take the familiar for granted. Marketing professionals look all over for solutions, yet forget to look towards the ubiquitous Post Office. The businessgyan team chanced upon a Postal Department full of initiatives and we had the
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Key to Successful SALES FORCE AUTOMATION Implementations

In pursuit of higher productivity of the sales teams, organizations world over are using technology as a tool to support the sales process.  The use of technology in the sales process is essentially a Sales Process Automation (SPA), which is
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Getting Results from your Sales Force

Xavier: Welcome you all to the panel discussion and I would like to thank you for being here. The first question I would like to pose before the panel is what are the basic ingredients of successful salesforce management?   Pratap:
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Making of a Top Performing Sales Person

Top Sales Persons make it there not by accident     Here is an insight into the method. The major downturn in the economy from the last two years has affected sellers everywhere. Hot prospects delay purchasing until
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Macro-orientation gives any sales team an added edge

When the chips are down it is the sales guys who are expected to keep the rupees rolling in to keep the fire going. Or alternatively it is the sales team, whose added performance would help the company through. That brings us to the question, what
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Selling abroad... Caveats from a Pro!

  Is this the ‘right’ time to sell overseas?   The whole IT industry, from semiconductors to software systems solutions, from consulting to telecommunications services, is caught up in a major market discontinuity