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Profitable Partnerships

My neighbor has no idea what I do for a living! He reminds me of Tim Allen's (of Home Improvement fame) neighbor Wilson, occasionally. Except that my neighbor is not so sage like Wilson. Even after several attempts at explaining a
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Ideas that spread - win

Seth Godin on standing out.....In a world of too many options and too little time, our obvious choice is to just ignore the ordinary stuff. Marketing guru Seth Godin spells out why, when it comes to getting our attention, bad or bizarre ideas are
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What makes a 30 second movie go viral?

For many brands, creating a 30 second YouTube movie that goes viral is the holy grail of marketing. But ensuring the success of a viral-produced movie is still largely hit-and-miss.  Some of the more well-known ingredients known to increase the
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Giving thanks for your customers

Today's mail included the first holiday greeting of the season -- for Thanksgiving.  One of our vendors sends us an eye-catching Thanksgiving card every year, thanking us for our business.  This is an approach I started my first year
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' Kolaveri Di' - Viral Marketing works

The buzz word on the internet the last 2 days has been 'Kolaveri di'....1.8 million views within days of its release online. Kolaveri is now the No. 1 trending word on Twitter in India, the most searched video on Youtube. Around 7 lakh
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Branding lessons from a temple

As I discussed in my previous posts many of our clients regularly ask us about the need for marketing. I will take a temple as a case and try to explain the reasons behind its success, from a marketer’s perspective, which may give you an
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Boost Your Business Referrals with a Strong Power Team

Some business people seem to have all the luck. The right people just seem to put themselves in the path of these lucky people, ready to introduce them to people who will give them all the business they could ever desire. Do you know any people
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Stock Markets- A Place for Gambling?????

Stock Markets!! The first thing you hear when someone says this is, “I lost lots of money in stock markets”. Such common comments make one wonder whether anyone makes money from the stock markets at all. Theory says long term investors
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Back To School For A Lifetime

Sharon Lechter is known world-wide as the co-author of the international bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Rich Dad series of books.  Rich Dad, Poor Dad has been on The New York Times Bestseller list for over six and a half years and
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Your street-smart MBA

A buddy of mine dubbed my newest book, The Mackay MBA of Selling in the Real World, "Harvey Mackay's economic stimulus plan."  It's custom-tooled to boost the take-home pay of sales pros, from novices to veterans.