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Internet as an overseas marketing tool

In all our discussions about tools available for overseas marketing, Internet has always found its advocates. This is a brief note put together for the benefit of many readers who might be mulling low cost options of making a presence. We would like
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Cultural Issues in International Marketing of IT Services

All of us are familiar with horror stories of failed deals due to inadequate attention paid to the cultural aspects of the terrain. Despite the adage that “one shoe fits all”, this strategy is bound to be a failure in global marketplace
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Overseas Marketing - Success Ingredients

The quest of this issue of businessgyan is to find out the secrets of success in overseas markets. What better way than to find out from professionals with hands on knowledge and a wealth of experience in the international markets.  
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Top IT Sales Myths of 2002

As the saying goes, it is easier to digest facts than myths and the same is true of correction too. In this backdrop, I felt it would be of immense benefit to many a sales professional to highlight some myths circulating as facts for what they are
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Important business links in Europe

One of the most fundamental things one needs to do before addressing any market place is to take a look at the business community there by looking at the relevant web sites. Another important activity is getting listed in all these web sites and
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To flex or not to - A guide to marketing during tough times

Even when the times are on a roll and the sales registers keep ringing, finding the right marketing approach and mix is quite a task for even the most seasoned marketers. Add to this, the slowdown scenario and the task not only becomes more complex
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A Few Cost-effective marketing tips and practices

Having chosen your marketing approach and its components it is time now to move onto doing it right through cost-effective practices or activities. To help you to do that here is a compendium of insights offered by various professionals from diverse
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Overseas business development - Tips and guidelines in brief

The phrase Global market rings more true and shrill than a few years before. And it is not just confined to the IT segment but automotive and other segments as well. More and more Indian companies or Indian ventures are forced to seek and expand
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Casting the net - A brief guide

It is not that the net as a medium has been proven ineffective or it has not delivered on its promise. It is just that the preceeding hype and the hoopla created by wannabe VC-funded ventures was so shrill and revolutionary that the real gains
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Outsourcing marketing services A brief perspective

As marketing becomes core to the success of organizations the need to distinguish the strategic (read=core) and non-strategic (read=non-core) areas or services within the overall marketing spectrum becomes necessary. This if done successfully also