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Monumentally stupid tweet blows up in blockchain company's face

The blockchain can't solve for stupid.  That painful truth hit the internet-of-things blockchain project Waltonchain hard today, with one Twitter huge fuck up leading to the erasure of tens of millions of dollars in the market cap of its
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Chart: The Largest Companies by Market Cap Over 15 Years

From:   By: Jeff Desjardins Via: Chart: The Largest
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Chart: Here’s How 5 Tech Giants Make Their Billions

From:   By: Jeff Desjardins Via: Chart: Here's How 5 Tech
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From:   By: Barry Ritholtz Via: RT @eladgil: Looks like it is @vkhosla
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Three Things You Need To Know Before Investing In eSports

Competitive video gaming – a.k.a. eSports – is expected to be a $1 billion market by 2019. Here's what you should look out for if you decide to make an investment.
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The Rise and Fall of Monster

Monster Worldwide was acquired by Randstad for $429 million. Monster’s market cap is $310 million, on revenues of about $667 million. Compare that to Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn for $26 billion, about the same as the company
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The Double-Edge Sword of Incentives

From:   By: Morgan Housel Via: The Double-Edge Sword of Incentives --