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Six Sigma Flag Bearers

The Mumbai Dabbawallahs have created history with their unique method of delivering lunch boxes to various office destinations without errors ‘Quality is truly a state of mind’. While there are thousands of ISO 9000 and Six Sigma
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Creating a Quality Culture

Enough has been said and written about implementing quality standards. The topic of quality is looked upon by an organization in different ways, depending on its size, culture and focus. A start-up software services organization with evolving
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Ten Tips For Profitable Contract Manufacturing

1. Smooth ‘execution’ will be the main key. Learn quickly to practice it as a seamless value-adding flow - from the order acceptance to the delivery. Develop the discipline to deliver always on schedule, as customer specified.
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Contract Manufacturing - Panel Discussion

As more and more multinational companies are considering outsourcing their requirements to contract manufacturing firms in India, there is an opportunity for big bucks to come into India. We assembled a group of experts to discuss the facets of this
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Problems of manufacturing

Bangalore has been a hub for Small Scale Industries (SSIs) with nearly 3,500 units employing 280,000- skilled & semi-skilled workers. South Asia’s largest industrial suburb, Peenya, has finally recovered from its seemingly terminal
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Stitching the right fabric

Bangalore is the preferred destination for the garment industry due to its climate, nearness to the sourcing centers and cheaper real estate. The supportive policies of the state government, coupled with cheaper costs, peaceful industrial
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Strategies for catching up

The use of contract manufacturing is important and growing in a range of industries, including electronics, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and food and beverage production. The global contract manufacturing business is estimated to be around $500