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4 Steps to Empowering Employees – Tired of babysitting?

You’re in luck, my fellow entrepreneur. Today you get an inside look at how your competitors get more out of their employees–why they have amazing, engaged people while you struggle to get people to just follow simple instructions. Check out
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4 Steps to Stop Being a Small Business Micro-Manager – Do’s and Don’ts

Small business owners sometimes have trouble letting go of control. And that death-grip management style is exactly how Chaos Inc. wants to see you run the show. That’s right—too much control can actually be more work, more costly, more chaotic. So
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5 Steps to Correcting Employee Mistakes

When it comes to running a small business, owners have a hard enough time managing themselves, let alone an employee. So when those inevitable mistakes happen, taking a focused approach guarantees Chaos Inc. doesn’t get a piece of your pie. It’s
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Top 10 Tips to keep your Inbox to less than 20 emails

A question for you:  How many emails are currently in your inbox?  Go on, be honest… 20, 40, 60, 100+, A never-ending inbox of emails is the cause for long working hours, stressed out entrepreneurs and procrastination.  It
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Automating Your Sales Force

Managing Your Relationship with Customers - Easy Way for Small and Medium Businesses In any small business, it is natural to see one of the following scenarios   1. The company has lot of information about its customers. The
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Managing Innovation

Managing Innovation                 Issue - 15            15th June 2002 The Spark - Method to the madness Clear Eye - Building a productive relationship with