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Man rescues seagull, then adorably gets attacked by it

Rescuing animals seems like a rather thankless job at times. Tell that to New Zealander Robert Tahau, who helped save a seagull that was lying by the side of the road with a broken wing, according to the New Zealand Herald. Unfortunately for Tahau,
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Women in music to man in charge of Grammys: 'Time's up, Neil'

Recording Academy President Neil Portnow (the man in charge of the Grammys) told women in music they'd have to "step up" if they wanted to win more awards. Today, women in music responded by telling him he's the one who'll have to step up if he
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Man writes heartfelt breakup letter to his gym to end his membership

If you've ever had the pleasure of entering a contractual agreement with a gym, you'll know that ending that agreement can be a difficult task. After moving out of state, Redditor Mastrrbasser needed to cancel his membership to Planet Fitness. But
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Man wakes up to dog getting drink of water wrapped up in a blanket

Dogs continue to surprise with their strangely human activity. Twitter user @mythicalwndfish's dad woke up to the sound of their dog getting a midnight drink of water while wrapped in a blanket, before eventually returning to bed. Thankfully, the
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And now, a perfect visual representation of being a woman online

Hello, readers who are not men. Have you ever been minding your own business when a man suddenly starts telling you a bunch of things you did not request to hear?  Interesting! Same with me. Anyway, here's an image that neatly encapsulates that
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Man adopted from Karnataka becomes first Indian-origin MP in Switzerland

From: Hindustan Times Recommended by: Hindustan times Niklaus-Samuel Gugger, 48, is also one the youngest members of the Swiss parliament.His biological mother Anasuiya could never have imagined that Niklaus-Samuel Gugger, whom she
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Two determined women take on tech industry sexism in a new Secret ad

From: Mashable By Katie Dupere Recommended by: Mashable Image: secret/youtubeFor women in tech, sexism is so often encountered that it unfortunately comes to be expected.A new 30-second ad by deodorant company Secret shows just