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In 'Record BreakHers' women try to break world records held by men

For most of history, men have been given a lead in everything. From being the first person to fly around the world to being the first person to walk on the moon, it seems like the first person to do many cool things has more often than not been a
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Man Snapchats dramatic chase after pesky fox steals his wallet

This isn't the first time a fox has stolen a man's wallet, and it probably won't be the last. SEE ALSO: Londoner passes out at bus stop, gets an alarming wake up call On Monday evening, Reddit user tootsaysthetrain shared a gif in Reddit's r/funny
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Drew Barrymore ranks the men she's acted with to avoid eating turkey testicles

When it's a choice between chowing down cold turkey balls or getting real about your co-stars' acting talent, there's really only one logical choice to be made. Drew Barrymore and John Boyega took part in a game of the ever-popular "Spill Your Guts
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Meet the man whose voice became Stephen Hawking's

Stephen Hawking's computer-generated voice is so iconic that it's trademarked — The filmmakers behind The Theory of Everything had to get Hawking's personal permission to use the voice in his biopic. But that voice has an interesting origin
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From women posing as men to rooftop aircraft, wonders in India never cease

From: Buisness-standard By Anjuli Bhargava Recommended by: business-standard What on earth is going on? I was still trying to recover from the story of the lady who married two women over four years posing as a man (this deserves
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A grown man face-planting onto a snowy trampoline in slow mo is what true joy looks like

When you wake up to find a few fresh inches of snow carpeting your back garden, there are a few clear rules that must be followed. SEE ALSO: Ninja cat leaps high into the air to catch snowball in sweet slow motion Don't drive unless you absolutely
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John Oliver emerges victorious against the man he once called a 'geriatric Dr. Evil'

John Oliver's legal tussle with a man he once called a "geriatric Dr. Evil" is over and the HBO late night host has every reason to be happy. West Virginia judge Jeffrey Cramer has dismissed the defamation lawsuit filed against Oliver by Robert
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Detective Pikachu's creepy old man voice is a crime against nature

You remember Pikachu, right? That joyful, electric yellow furball who's your constant companion and always ready with an affirming thumbs up and high-pitched exclamation of "PIKA!" WELL HE'S DEAD NOW — or at least forever tainted by the
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Why do women invest less than men?

Gender equality is the topic du jour — from the gender wage gap to gender bias in the workplace, people are discussing the issues like never before, and it’s about time. But one iteration of gender equality hasn’t received the
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Who wants to live forever, asks the book Benedict Cumberbatch is bringing to the screen

The world's richest man made a $42 million investment in a vast clock, now under construction, that is designed to tick away for 10,000 years. Elon Musk sent a car to space that should orbit the sun for millions of years, containing a miniature