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Fan perfectly recreates Tom Holland's photoshoot, gets response from the man himself

If you're going to painstakingly recreate a photoshoot of your favourite actor shot-by-shot, you might as well do it right. SEE ALSO: Tom Holland, purest boy in world, found a stray dog and took it to the vet Earlier in the month, Tom Holland posed
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11 times famous men spoke up about mental health and made it easier for others to get help

For so many male celebrities, traditional masculinity is the most valuable currency they possess. It sells at the box office and on magazine covers.  But, whether they mean to or not, some famous men are rejecting the myth that only weak men
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'You're not alone': Famous men are talking about mental health, and it could save lives

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Phelps, and Kevin Love all share one thing in common, and it's not their fame.  Instead, each of these men has done something once unthinkable: They've talked publicly about their mental health
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Man slowly tumbles into river in undeniably hilarious footage

Sophisticated, high-brow comedy is all very well and good, but sometimes you just want to watch someone falling over.  SEE ALSO: 19 of the funniest British tweets so far in 2018 Well, good news — today happens to be your lucky day: So
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Man with the 'golden arm' who gave blood for 60 years donates for last time

James Harrison is a hero unlike you've come across before. The 81-year-old Australian has been giving blood for the last 60 years, and in the process helped save the babies of more than 2 million Australian women. SEE ALSO: Crowdfunding campaign
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Man gets hilarious response after pitching astroturfed window boxes to garden show

A British man's ingenuity with astroturf has been rewarded by the Royal Horticultural Society. SEE ALSO: Celebrities reading texts from their moms is hilariously awkward It all started at the end of April, when Twitter user Rob Dickens decided to
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Wounded cobra is saved thanks to spinal surgery and a very compassionate man

Snakes aren't exactly the most lovable animals out there. When most people find an injured cobra, their first instinct probably isn't to rescue it.  But for some people, snakes are not enemies. One snake-loving man had a chance to save a
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New Zealand female soccer players will be paid the same as men

New Zealand has taken a huge step when it comes to equality in sport. The country's chief footballing organisation, New Zealand Football, and the New Zealand Professional Footballers' Association (NZPFA) have come to an agreement which will see
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Michelle Obama is tired of seeing men 'fail up'

When Michelle Obama walked onto the stage of Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium Saturday evening, the crowd let loose screams of joy usually reserved for rock stars.  Audience members, who'd spent the day talking about gender equality as part of
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Man reunites with stolen dog after an email to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Businessman Richard Guttfield came home from work recently to every pet owner's ultimate nightmare. An Amazon delivery driver had stolen Wilma, Guttfield's black miniature schnauzer, after dropping off a bag of dog food at Guttfield's home.