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Success, Santa Barbara Style: Patagonian Sexwax With A Side Order of UGGS

  A version of this article previously appeared in Forbes. When you can live where you want to live and make money doing what you […] The post Success, Santa Barbara Style: Patagonian Sexwax With A Side Order of UGGS appeared first on John
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LinkedIn stock plunges 25%, following Twitter and Yelp down the drain

Internet companies are having a lousy earnings week on Wall Street.LinkedIn stock fell more than 25% in after hours trading on Thursday, effectively shaving off about $8 billion in market value, after the company reported March quarter earnings that
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From Near Failure To A $1.5 Billion Sale: The Epic Story Of

At times, Lynda Weinman seems almost stunned by her own success. Unlike many recent tech founders, Weinman didn't enter the industry with dollar signs in her eyes. She wasn't pining over a $1.5 billion sale like the one her company closed
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LinkedIn pays $1.5B for online educator in its biggest acquisition yet

LinkedIn announced its biggest acquisition yet on Thursday, spending $1.5 billion for online education company deal adds a new revenue stream to LinkedIn — is reportedly already profitable — as well as a deep slate of web-
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Why small businesses desperately need systems!

Think your employees should all have common sense? Think again. Any assumption that anyone else should think the way you do is, in fact, the opposite of common sense! The truth? Assumptions about other people often open the door to a swift takeover
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Time Management for Entrepreneurs: Free sample from

Time management is a painful word to most entrepreneurs and small business owners. But the second you start hiding from it, old Chaos Inc. will start inflicting real pain in your life and your business–with the force of a thousand Chuck Norris
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Do you know where you’re going? – Building a Company Vision

Defining your company vision is one of the most invaluable things any small business owner can do. Why? Because it gives you a sense of purpose. And without that your company will be clouded with the muddled vision of Chaos, Inc. A focused company
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The Focused, Single Page Business Plan: A free sample from

Small business owners often tell me that the most difficult part of the journey is knowing where to start. With a whirlwind of ideas and possibilities it’s easy to get lost and drift aimlessly—especially if you don’t carry a map! Chaos Inc. thrives
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3 Steps to Targeting Your Customers & New Course: Small Business Secrets

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often prioritize one thing: getting more customers. That’s not bad, but your strategy can’t just be all about quantity. We must consider quality, otherwise Chaos Inc. takes control. If only you had someone