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Nick Offerman says his latest character would love 'Parks & Rec'

Nick Offerman sits down with Mashable to discuss Hearts Beat Loud, his new film about a single father who connects with his daughter while writing music together. Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Interview, Indie, and Indie Film
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Ball of love Andrew Garfield shares his Tony with the LGBTQ community

There's so much more to LGBTQ pride month than bank sponsored rainbow shot glasses and secondhand glitter thongs. Andrew Garfield can show us the way. The actor dedicated his Tony to the LGBTQ community in a moving speech Sunday nightGarfield won
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Social media is loving Angela Merkel's photo of Trump vs. G7 summit leaders

As per usual, Angela Merkel has no time for Donald Trump's nonsense. On Saturday, the German Chancellor shared a striking photo of the G7 summit on Instagram that prominently showed her and other world leaders gathered around Trump. SEE ALSO: Macron
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Why Mister Rogers’ message of love and kindness is good for your health

The release of the Mister Rogers documentary, “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” calls to mind the essential message of Rogers’ long-running children’s program, “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Fred McFeely
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'An American Marriage' is a beautiful love story that's as heartbreaking as it is complex

Much has been said about love in literature. True love's first kiss will cure all. The greatest gift we have is love. Love is the most powerful magic.  But Tayari Jones knows the truth: "How you feel love and understand love are two different
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Moms really, really love Netflix

The gift of health is precious, but the gift of distraction is... priceless. The polling company YouGov releases an annual Top 10 list for how brands rank in value, satisfaction, and other metrics — among moms. This year, the brand that
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This person's attempt to lie about their love of cars went very wrong, very fast

If you're going to lie about liking something you don't really like, it's important to do it well. You need to have some backup information just in case the person you're talking to starts asking questions. SEE ALSO: 19 of the funniest British
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Everyone hates Comcast and loves Netflix

People love streaming services such as Netflix and Twitch. Their internet service providers? Not so much.  That's the conclusion reached by the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) report, which used data from around 250,000
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9 podcasts to listen to if you love 'Black Mirror'

We are in an audio-drama renaissance, and some of the best stories are science-fiction.  We're not being spooked by War of the Worlds as we gather around hefty, wooden radio consoles, but we are, more and more, pulling up podcasts about
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Elon Musk loves NASA, and he has the old password to prove it

SpaceX founder Elon Musk really loves NASA, and with good reason. Without NASA's advances in spaceflight, commercial rocketeers like Musk would have a limited understanding of how to safely fly to orbit.  In fact, a former password used by Musk