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'Dancing Hermione' lip syncing as Ariana Grande will feed your soul

'Dancing Hermione' continues to show off her exceptional talent in not only the world of Harry Potter, but also in the clubs of London.  After a stellar appearance on the streets of London during Pride dressed in her Hermione Granger cosplay,
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London's buskers will soon have contactless payments

Fewer people are carrying cash these days, which doesn't bode so well for buskers who rely on spare change. London is rolling out a system which allows people to pay the city's street performers with contactless cards, in what is claimed to be a
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This comedy sketch about London street gangs is going massively viral

A parody sketch of two rival London gangs threatening each other in a series of escalating videos has gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. SEE ALSO: A BBC presenter fell in a swimming pool on live TV and took it like a champ The video, which was first
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It's Star Wars Day and Heathrow Airport has trips to a galaxy far, far away

On May 4, Heathrow Airport in London debuted some new routes to select far-off destinations. Among the destinations on the departures board are Hoth, Endor, and Tatooine.  If those seem like difficult places for an airplane to travel, rest
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A stuffed anteater just took down the winner of a wildlife photography competition

A taxidermied anteater, of all things, is at the center of a scandal plaguing a global wildlife photography competition.  The Natural History Museum in London announced Friday that it has disqualified a winning photo from its 2017 Wildlife
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'Black Mirror' has taken a part of London into the 1980s

As if 2018 wasn't enough like a Black Mirror episode already. SEE ALSO: 'Black Mirror' will get a fifth season to fuel your nightmares People living in Croyden, a suburb of London, received letters informing them that Black Mirror was going to be
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Why Technical Experts Make Great Leaders

Amanda Goodall, a senior lecturer at Cass Business School in London, argues that the best leaders are technical experts, not general managers. She discusses her research findings about doctors who head up hospitals, scholars who lead universities,
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New parents trying to leave the hospital accidentally end up in the royal baby media frenzy

Two new parents trying to leave the hospital with their newborn baby ended up with worldwide media attention.  Will and Kate's third bundle of royal joy arrived on Monday, and the global press waited at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital in
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Craig David surprises Londoners on a bus, improves everyone's day by 6,000%

There is literally nothing better that could happen to you on a London bus than being treated to a private singing performance by Craig David. Literally. Nothing. SEE ALSO: BBC presenter awkwardly confuses Daniel Craig and Craig David during Bond
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Cambridge Analytica used self-destructing email to cover its tracks

When you're in the self-described business of bribing politicians and influencing elections, it's perhaps best not to leave a digital paper trail.  Cambridge Analytica has that all figured out. SEE ALSO: Cambridge Analytica CEO talks bribery