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The biggest winners and losers after Twitter's massive purge

It wasn't quite a Thanos-level extinction event, but the Twitter purge came, it took, and it conquered. SEE ALSO: Twitter will remove millions of accounts from follower numbers 'to build trust' On Thursday, Twitter commenced the deletion of accounts
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15 internet moments in 2018 that made us scream 'NOPE'

*unintelligible screaming*  We're only halfway through 2018, but it already appears to be the year of loudly yelling at the internet every 20 minutes or so. From insensitive YouTube videos and mortifying viral challenges, to disturbing makeup
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16 nice things we've seen on the internet in 2018 so far

We're halfway through 2018 and it's safe to say the internet's already had some serious ups and downs.  If you reflect on the year thus far, your mind might wander to its low points, like when YouTuber Logan Paul filmed a dead body in
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7 social media apps you totally forgot about — and what happened to them

All things die. Humans die. Plants die. Stars and planets die. And so, too, do your favorite social media networks become shrouded in that inevitable darkness that descends upon us all. SEE ALSO: The 100 best iPhone apps of all time Okay. So that's
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Logan Paul, aspiring comedian, tries to pick a fight with a real comedian

Aspiring comedian Logan Paul says he's "learned" and "grown" since he filmed the body of an apparent suicide victim for his vlog. Oh, and he's in a Twitter feud with Chris D'Elia. Buckle up for this one, folks.  SEE ALSO: Logan Paul exploits
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Honestly, what the heck is happening on YouTube?

One of the internet's most famed catchphrases is about porn: that any sort of erotica you could want or imagine, no matter how niche or messed up, exists somewhere online. That shouldn't be the case for YouTube — a video community monitored
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Logan Paul's Twitch debut features dicks and a racial slur

There are very few things that bring the internet together like the universal hatred of Logan Paul.  The disgraced YouTuber had his Twitch debut on Sunday and was immediately barraged with explicit images of genitalia during the livestreamed
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Logan Paul has ads restored on YouTube videos, but he's not off the hook

Controversial vlogger Logan Paul will have ads restored to his YouTube videos, but he still remains on probation. With nearly 17 million subscribers, Paul will once again be part of the platform's monetization program following a suspension, a
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Logan Paul says he's going to fight YouTuber KSI in boxing match

While we don't condone violence, plenty of people out there on the internet would love to see someone punch disgraced YouTuber Logan Paul in the face. Well, that opportunity may have just presented itself. Back in February, British YouTuber Olajide
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Logan Paul's YouTube comeback video is just as awful as you expected

Well, Logan Paul has returned to YouTube and his apology tour is over.  Paul announced his triumphant return in a 12-minute video after a taking a monthlong "break" — AKA his fall from grace following backlash from a video where he