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L.L. Bean ends legendary lifetime return policy, and of course social media is to blame

Congratulations, internet! We've ruined another glorious thing. On Friday, beloved cozy and outdoors-y things retailer L.L. Bean announced that it would end its famed lifetime return policy. And social media is at least in part to blame. “What
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L.L.Bean Beats, Once Again, For Best Customer Service

L.L.Bean continues to claim a rare retail bragging right: a first place finish over Amazon. For the third year in a row, the outdoor outfitter has been named Customer Service Champion over the online behemoth in Prosper Insights & Analytics'
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The Duck Boot shortage

From:   By: emilyfarrell Via: “Are you ducking kidding me?!” The power of #consensus & #scarcity.
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Millennials Say Provides Best Customer Service, Boomers Disagree

While consumers overall recently voted L.L.Bean the best in customer service, if you ask a Millennial, he or she will likely disagree. New analysis from Prosper’s Customer Service Champions ranking reveals a vast disparity between two of the most
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L.L.Bean Boots From Customer Service Champion Pedestal

, retail disruptor extraordinaire, has just been given the boot. The Bean Boot. Crowning 2013’s inaugural list of Customer Service Champions, Amazon slipped to second position in 2014, behind L.L.Bean (the former #2). Prosper Insights &